Why Do We Need To Protect A Tattoo In The Sun?

Why Do We Need To Protect A Tattoo In The Sun?

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Important Sun Protection

Most of the people who own a tattoo are not familiar with the fact that the sun can harm their beautiful look. This is why in this post, we are going to talk about the tips that people can use to protect their tattoos from the sun, as well as why that is important. Moreover, we are going to discuss the types of tattoos that are more susceptible to being damaged by the sun.

Different Ways to protect a tattoo in the sun?

When it comes to reasons why you need to protect your tattoo from the sun, there is a long list. If we talk about all of them, this will turn into a never-ending post. So, in short, the most crucial reason why you need to protect your tattoo in the sun is to prevent it from fading. Besides the fact that every tattoo eventually starts to fade over time, exposure to the sun significantly speeds up that process quite.

Moreover, it is common knowledge that UV rays are the biggest threat to your tattoos. This is because the sun can cause the ink to break down, making it lose its vibrancy, color, and shape.

How the sun damages tattoos?

The most important reason why your tattoo can be damaged from the sun is UV rays. If your tattoo is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, the UV rays from the sun will cause the fading of the tattoo. When your tattoo is exposed to the sun, those UV rays are absorbed and fundamentally break up the pigment in your design. Tattoos themselves are, in fact, under two layers of skin. The top layer acts as a filter between the pigment and the sun. However, darker skin is more damaged from exposure to the sun.

The one thing you should have in mind is that your tattoo is an extension of your skin. That means that just like you protect your skin from sun damage to preserve its elasticity and youthful appearance, you must take care of your tattoo and protect it to keep it looking fresh. Here are some useful tips:

·        Apply and reapply SPF

It is commonly known that UV rays are the biggest threat to your tattoo. That means that you need to apply SPF over your tattoo. For this purpose, you should use at least an SPF 30, even though 50 is preferable, and regularly reapply it every couple of hours.Important Sun Protection

·        Stay in the shade

Just like in the case when you want to protect your skin, if you indeed want to protect your tattoo, the best thing you should do is to avoid direct sun exposure altogether. You should stay in the shade when possible and take a beach umbrella with you to the pool.

·        Keep your tattoo covered

Most people don’t want to spend the whole day in the shade, especially since they’ve spent a lot of money on a sunny holiday. If that is the case, the best you can do is wear a layer of clothing over your tattoo. This adds a layer of protection, keeping your tattoo protected in the sun.  Clothes in light colors will do the trick and still allow your skin to breathe.

How to protect a new tattoo in the sun?

If your tattoo is brand new, then it is most important to keep your tattoo in the right way. You must follow every aftercare instruction that your tattoo artists gave you and never expose a healing tattoo to direct sunlight.

·        Instead of using SPF, cover your tattoo instead.

A new tattoo is very much like a healing wound. In that case, you should avoid using SPF. As an alternative, you should avoid staying in direct sunlight or cover it up with clothing.

·        Avoid going swimming.

When you have a new tattoo, you should avoid swimming because of the chlorine, saltwater, and all the bacteria and dirt found in water. In this way, you are preventing the risk of getting an infection and distorting your tattoo. You must first wait for your tattoo artist to tell you that your tattoo is healed and that you can go for a swim.

How to treat a sunburned tattoo:

There are a few important steps that you can take if your tattoo gets sunburned:

  1. First of all, you should apply a cool compress to the burned area.
  2. Next, you should apply a soothing hypoallergenic moisturizer all over the burned area.
  3. After that, you should drink a lot of fluids and check your sunburned skin.
  4. If you get a fever, you should immediately get medical attention, or if you notice swelling around your tattoo, or feel waves of heat and cold. These could be signs of infection.
  5. Only after your tattoo is healed from sunburn, you can decide if it needs touchups from your tattoo artist.                                                                                       

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