Biker Tattoos And The Meaning And Symbolism Behind FTW

Biker Tattoos And The Meaning And Symbolism Behind FTW

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The biker subculture has a rather long history and, therefore, is characterized by unique attributes, clothing, and symbolism. Motorcyclists are undoubtedly one of the most loyal admirers of tattoo art. They are probably the only people who don’t have enough skin to express their love for speed and powerful motorbikes. A tattoo is one of the main signs indicating a person’s belongings to the biker fraternity. In this article, we are going to highlight the most popular motives of biker tattoos.Biker

            Popular biker tattoos

In addition to the club tattoos, many bikers have tats with the following themes:

-Symbols of freedom, wings, eagles, flame, etc.., are classic biker tattoos reflecting the belonging to the biker community. Often such images, which are distinguished by the considerable number of details, cover the whole back, abdomen, or hands.

-Life events – such tats have a realistic execution. Typically, they are dedicated to the biker’s family or friends.

-Biker events. The ink highlights various biker rallies and get-togethers.

-The symbolism of death. Many motorcycle riders believe that if they get a tattoo with death, they will be guarded. They assume that if death marked a person with its symbol, it wouldn’t come close anymore. The most popular tats are death with a scythe riding a bike, images of skulls and skeletons, etc.

            FTW tattoo meaning

Meaning of biker tattoos known for, who has a direct concern to them. Most often, biker tattoos include certain elements confirming affiliation to the club, as well as the love of his iron horse. Tattoos bikers can be black-and-white and color, contain phrases such as calls or mottos of the club in which they are made. Club for a biker – his family, not just the company of like-minded, so the value of biker tattoos pays excellent attention. A tattoo parlor in Moscow gathered in the walls of professional artists who can offer various designs of biker tattoos, as well as perform a pattern of your choice.

Some of you may have heard or seen the FTW shortcut tattooed on someone’s body. In most of the cases, this tattoo we can see on bikers. But what does it mean? Sometimes it can be an individual and personal meaning, like a shortcut for a phrase that represents something special for someone. Here, we are going to explain what does it mean in more significant and not than individual cases.

            The Origin of FTW

Believe it or not, FTW has its origins in the television show Hollywood Squares. From its first usage on the game show, the term then spread to an online game called Defense of the Ancients (known more commonly as DotA.) This game is a spinoff of Blizzard’s popular Warcraft III series.

From DotA, this word spread to other online games such as World of Warcraft. The term is highly popular and heavily used in the online gaming community. However, it can also be seen on many websites and social networks such as Reddit, which are frequented by gamers.

            About FTW

You might have come across this term on the Internet or various motorcycle stickers or paint jobs. For those who are wondering, we have an explanation of what ftw means to everything motorcycle-related.

Well, there are several meanings for the short form FTW, in biker slang its most often meant as

  1. Forever Two Wheels
  1. F**k the World

You can find various designs which us the shortening ftw. The most common uses are on clothing. You can find cap designs, like snapback caps and truckers with the logo. You can as well find them on various shirts and hoodies of different brands. Many people also take the FTW Logo to put it on their motorcycle, for example, on their gas tank. There is no limit to your imagination!

            Non-Biker-related meanings for FTW?

There are several other explanations for the short form of FTW that are not directly related to the biker scene. FTW is also used in chats, SMS, on shirt designs. Etc. In the English language, it is common to combine the initial letters of several words to form a new word.

  1. For the Win
  2. Free the Whales
  3. For those wondering

More creative is the variant that it means “What the F**k” backward, but we suppose that this case is the most uncommon one.

            So, what does FTW mean now?

Anyone who moves a lot on the Internet and the computer, in general, will regularly come across abbreviations and letter combinations that are not familiar from your everyday life. One of these abbreviations is “ftw”. In the end, it is really up to you how you want to lay it out.

In which contexts can you use it?

If you translate it word for word with “For The Win,” it expresses affection or sympathy for something. “FC Liverpool, ftw” – The commentator at this moment reveals to the viewers that the soccer team is about to win. As we found out, the real origin of “FTW” is unknown. So there is no “official” meaning for the shortening.

FTW, in some cases, can also be translated as “for the victory”.And what does that mean? If you work hard on a presentation for work, you probably want to have a successful meeting, so you are working really hard on that, FTW!

FTW should not be confused with WTF. WTF, also known as “Dafuq!”, is called “What the F**k” and is about the opposite of FTW.

FTW is an Acronym – what the heck are Acronyms ?!

The spelling of acronyms usually consists of a series of capital letters. In the course of time, however, grammar has often developed that corresponds to that of standard nouns (e.g., Radar, Laser, Aids, Nato, Unicef). Since acronyms, in contrast to abbreviations, are written without concluding dots, in such cases, it is not possible to recognize by the pronunciation or the typeface that it is an artificial word. As a rule, the reader can understand the acronym from the context of the sentence.

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