Bio-Organic Tattoo Design: Anatomy Sci-Fi Style With Interesting Variations

Bio-Organic Tattoo Design: Anatomy Sci-Fi Style With Interesting Variations

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Bio-organic is a tattooing style that incorporates natural and raw elements of the earth and living creatures’ part of the anatomy. This means that they incorporate the anatomy not only of humans but animals as well. The bio-organic style is perfect for those who are fans of sci-fi. Bio-organic tattoos also include natural elements and naturally formed anatomy and body parts of otherworldly creatures such as aliens.

  • Bio-Organic Design

These tattoo designs are rich in texture. By definition, bio-organic is an evocative term that pertains to the composition and activity of a carbon-based compound. To make it clearer, anything that is ‘alive’ is bio-organic by nature. This is why the bio-organic tattoo designs are typical, with vibrant colors in them. These tattoos are complex and well-drawn since Bio-Organicthey depict things in nature and our human anatomy. Some designs are even cartoonish. When you add color, you make the tattoo easier to pick apart and decipher what is what within the design.

  • Human Anatomy Design

The human anatomy style is the most popular when it comes t bio-organic tattoos. This includes parts of the body, such as the digestive system. However, these parts are emphasized and drawn on the outer body as a tattoo. Organs are just one example of what you can include in your human anatomy bio organic tattoo. There are people who chose to get the anatomy of their bones tattooed on themselves.

The anatomy of the structure of our bones can look cool wherever you decide to ink it. Usually, people choose the feet since showing the bones that make up the feet is unique. The most distinct reason for this is the number of bones that form the feet. Seeing how the feet look on the inside, on the outside with ink, is truly an artistic and unique concept. You can also get a chest piece that covers the whole chest. This tattoo not only looks amazing, but it’s impressive, and others will be mesmerized by it. Being able to include the bones and the organs together could make for the perfect bio organic tattoo.

There is another popular style amongst the bio-organic tattoo community- the concept of the biomechanical tattoo. Same as most bio-organic tattoos, these tattoos show a complex yet cartoony side of the human anatomy. Bio-organic tattoos can include other things, not only human organs. We all know the famous Terminator. The terminator looks like a human on the outside, but he is a machine on the inside. This is a great concept, no matter whether you are a fan of the movie or not. You can include segments of your skin ripped and torn, showing robotic anatomy with machine parts underneath the skin.

The thing that is great about this tattoo is that you can place it anywhere you want on your body. Generally, people have it on the arms, as a sleeve, or half sleeve. You can start with the upper arm art or the forearm/lower half of the arm that gives that real ‘cyborg’ look. These placement choices are perfect if you want a tattoo for everyone to be able to see. It means that you are a fan of sci-fi and fantasy worlds.

The chest is another cool place to have them, especially over the heart. A bio-organic cyborg tattoo over the heart is a very cool tattoo. But instead of the heart, you can place many switches or other robotic functions in the place of the organ. The back is another popular spot. You can have a series of wires and circuits that decorate the spine. You can have these biomechanical tattoos in color. However, the classical biomechanical tattoos are with just black ink and shadowing.

If you do your research, you can see many other bio-organic tattoos that you can get. This tattoo concept is so distinctive from other tattoos, involving mostly the anatomy. So, you must always be sure to get your graphic in the right spots. If you choose to show the heart-chest region’s anatomy, it is always a good idea to double-check. You need to make sure that the tattoo is overlapping the heart. This also goes for whatever region of your body you are getting tattooed. Having a tattoo of a heart on the wrong side of the body will look ridiculous.

Having this in mind, bio-organic tattoos are fan favorites and will always be a fantastic conversation starter. Bio-organic tattoos generally use vibrant and bright colors for a clean, inspiring effect. Pure black ink and nothing else changes the feel for the tattoos. You decide whether you choose the bright side or the dark side.

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