Blood Tattoo Design: Features, Meanings And Variations

Blood Tattoo Design: Features, Meanings And Variations

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Since the first appearance, tattoos are something that many people have or want to have on the body. Every tattoo is different from the other, and every tattoo has its special meaning for the owner. Getting a tattoo sure is a frightening experience, but for most people, it’s worth all the pain. People believe their body is a canvas, and tattoos are a way to show qualities, feelings, or personal experiences in life. Their colors, styles, and patterns can be a form of representing emotions and memories. Anybody art symbolizes a link to a particular incident or person in life. It could be a part of the person’s past or even the present. One of those exciting and meaningful designs is a blood-related tattoo.

For some people, the body is a memorial with a tattoo for every meaningful person in their life that died. This is somewhat more private to the owner. However, some tattoos are more generalized with diverse meanings and are often opinionated.

  • Blood Tattoo Features and Meanings

There are all sorts of tattoos you can find if you research, and yes, not everyone is meaningful. Some of these tattoos only serve to represent a fandom. Others are even there just because a person might think that a significant symbol looks well tattooed to them.

When we talk about strange tattoos, some people decide to get a blood tattoo. This is a bit ironic, considering you get cut through your skin while getting this tattoo. However, these tattoos are far from how they sound. It is the intentional participation of blood in a symbol a person may choose if they like.

Tattoos depicting blood always look strange and even a bit outrageous. For such tattoos, red tones are usually present in the design, hardly ever bluish tones. The blood tattoo design can also come in the form of letters.

Blood Tattoo designs on their own, tattoos can be quite entertaining, to say the very least, let alone tattoos with blood. Blood tattoos have a tendency of looking unusual and can be quite disgusting for some. The tattoos are cautiously drawn and colored in with ink that matches the natural shades of blood. This goes for tattoos of people who want a more realistic effect. For tattoo designs with blood, tattoo artists tend to use red for most of it. They seldom include any bluish or purplish tones to their work of art. Below are some of the most popular blood tattoos.

  •  Bloody Text

As previously said, blood tattoos can come in the form of bloody text. For instance, the inscription “blood for blood” is very popular among fans of this genre’s tattoos. It means that the owner seeks revenge and is determined not to leave the guilty ones without punishment. They are eager and strong-minded to catch the guilty and not spare them without a penalty or a punishment. This is a prominent design among tattoo enthusiasts into the whole blood, Goth, and cult culture.

  • Warrior Blood Tattoo

These kinds of designs are a typical choice of men and rarely women. Guy’s may also use this as a way of representing power, manliness, and stiffness. Some blood tattoos can be part of the warrior spirit symbol. These tattoos can portray a similar expression and a strong desire to take revenge or avenge somebody else’s blood. The blood can be in the form of a few drops or a ‘drip’ pattern. A soldier might decide to get such a tattoo as he may feel a personal relation to it. Likewise, tattoo fans of vampire themes might even get a blood tattoo similar to this.

A bleeding bull tattoo is similar to a phoenix as it symbolizes rebirth and a flash of energy. This is a historical tattoo that originates from ancient Rome. They consider the bull’s blood as an element representing health, importance, or vitality. There are other tattoos of this kind, with historical beliefs or practices attach to them. They can inspire the young to follow in the footsteps of their cultural beliefs.

The bleeding rose is a tattoo that often depicts a love story. This kind of tattoo with a rose and blood flowing down from it represents a kind of unreturned love. Occasionally, people connect this tattoo to the sad story inspired by the legendary Ottoman anecdote. In this story, the nightingale fell in love with a charming rose and patiently sang songs for it. Like every other love story, the rose pricks the nightingale, and the desperate romantic died without his love returned.

  • Blood Drops

This tattoo is entire with a Gothic theme. These tattoos include drawing blood drops that happen to be very realistic and dark in color. They often drip in a way that seems as they seep through the skin’s seams or an organ. The tattoo can even portray the tattoo owner’s mental disorder (if any). Because such tattoos are not something out of the normal, they seldom depict uniqueness or stand out from the crowd.

  • Blood type and Rh factor

People get this tattoo not only for aesthetics but also for practical purposes. The image does not show a person’s position in society or his hobbies but symbolizes the vital information. This option is a win-win since the blood type never changes. Such a tattoo can sometimes be very helpful and even save someone’s life.

In Japan, tattoos with the image of a blood type represent the personality of a person. The 0 type is an attribute for determined and purposeful people. The A-type is for enigmatic but, at the same time, dependable individuals. People with the B type are smart, and with the AB type are calm individuals.

  • Vampire theme

Blood images are very trendy among fans of vampire sagas. With these tattoos, people bring themselves closer to the mysterious and so appealing world of evil spirits.

  • Passion

It’s no secret that cherry tones cause thrill and a whole storm of emotions. Even the scientists have proven such an effect of the red color. The physicists claim that the red color has a long light wave. The body needs to spend a large amount of energy to distinguish it. That is why red dresses are so popular among young and energetic women.

The types of tattoos people might have exclusively depended on their liking and personal preference. Blood tattoos are indeed some that have people’s heads turning and carry different opinions from all kinds of passerby’s.

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