Dragon Tattoo Art: Mythological Creature In The Tattoo World

Dragon Tattoo Art: Mythological Creature In The Tattoo World

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Dragon Tattoo

Around the globe, there are so many mythological creatures that we know about. Both movies and books are responsible for creating the fantasy genre, a giant fan base for these creatures. One of those meaningful images full of symbolism that look powerful and interesting is the Dragon tattoo design. Let’s start from the beginning.

Of all the mythological creatures, it is evident that dragons are the most popular ones. These creatures have so much lore and history behind them, which is why we can’t blame people for loving them. Dragon Tattoo

The dragon tattoo has enormous popularity, and there is a good reason for that. They look great on the skin, and there are plenty of dragon tattoo meanings to choose from. Dragon tattoos come in just about color and size, making it one of the more customizable tattoos. They look perfect in any style of tattooing and work on any skin color.

Below, there is information about the dragon and the symbolism behind the tattoos of this creature. As previously said, there are many designs of this tattoo with a multitude of different meanings. There is also information about how different designs influence the symbolism of the tattoo. That will give you a better understanding of what it means to have a dragon tattoo.

  • About the Dragon

As we said, the dragon belongs to the group of mythological creatures. The Greek word with the meaning “huge serpent” is the etymological word of a dragon. There is a close link between dragons and several cultures from European folklore and Middle Eastern mythology to Asian influence. Not all people choose to get dragon tattoos with these ancient meanings. However, some like the fact that they can attach these stories to the dragon images.

For the European culture, dragons are creatures of wickedness that must be slain by a noble knight. The evil dragons were seen in current books, TV shows, and movies often influenced by those classic European stories. People can use one easy way to show that their dragon tattoos are of the evil variety. For instance, they can include fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth or “coming out” of the skin. Even people with no interest in using an evil dragon tattoo meaning might consider getting such a design. This is simply because they like their look in them.

In Jewish and Christian stories about dragons, they are serpents, and they regard killing a dragon as defeating Satan. There are lots of famous dragon slayers/serpent killers that have become a legend. Some of them are Beowulf, Archangel Michael, and Tristan. If people want a dragon tattoo based on these legends, they can do that in several ways. They can get either the exact design from the old books or incorporate one of those famous characters. The second one will make clear which dragon they have. Of course, people can also decide to get one of these dragons to state that they are safe from evil.

  • Dragon Tattoo Meaning

According to Asian culture, dragons are symbols of meditation, strength, power, masculinity, and the subconscious. Dragon tattoos are perfect for getting since they hold so many meanings at once. You can use only one of these meanings, or you can use multiple meanings if they fit with your character. For instance, if meditation is a significant part of your life, you can get a dragon tattoo to express it. If, later on, you choose that you want the tattoo to be a symbol of strength, you can do that.

Dragon tattoos can also symbolize creation and ruin, master of natural elements, knowledge, prosperity, desire, and sexual passion. The “creation and ruin” dragon tattoo meaning is one of the most popular among tattoo enthusiasts. Many people feel that they are the types who have a rough time keeping their life intact. So, they will get the dragon tattoo to show just that.

The meaning of dragon tattoos varies and depends on incorporating elements in the design. A dragon tattoo in a cross’s shape is different from one with an evil look ready to attack. You should know all of the different dragon tattoo meanings. It would be best if you also thought about what to include in the design to make each meaning a bit clearer.

  • Dragon Tattoo Designs

When it comes to possible dragon tattoos, there are so many designs to think about. Every dragon tattoo is unique in its own way. Dragon tattoos in this text are only some of the most popular ones, but you can always create your own.

  • Asian Dragon Tattoo

The portrayal of these dragons is more like serpents and lacks the wings, often in many renditions. These dragons represent knowledge, good luck, endurance, power, and prosperity. For a lot of people, a dragon cannot be a good luck charm. However, that’s the exact meaning you can give to your dragon tattoo if you get a classic Asian design.

 “Dragon circle” is another name for this tattoo. This version symbolizes the circle of life and as something that destroys itself while at the same time being renewed. This symbol comes from funerary text, taken from the Tutankhamen’s tomb. This dragon design is perfect for people who had to “renew” themselves after going through hard times in life.

  • Sleeping Dragon Tattoo

This symbol suggests that the owner that you should avoid messing with. The sleeping dragon is a symbol of strength and power that is dormant but ready to awaken when need be. The same goes even for books and movies. Many times, when a dragon has his wealth and is guarding his hoard of gold, the dragon is happy. If someone comes in and wakes the sleeping monster, they will be trouble with the dragon.

  • Dragon Claw Tattoo

The dragon claw tattoo is an ideal way to symbolize the dragon without having a huge tattoo on your body. People often choose to get the dragon claw tattoo. The design depicts the claw coming out of the skin like an inner dragon is waiting to get out. There is no better way to reveal to others that you have an inner being. Maybe this way, it makes it easier for the person to appeal to the dragon’s qualities. The claw symbolizes a triumph over evil as well as destruction. It is also a symbol of power and fearlessness.

  • Rising Dragon Tattoo

This tattoo design includes a dragon rising into the sun. This design symbolizes the progression of life and stands for ascension and progress. If you genuinely want a dragon tattoo, but you’re uncertain about the meaning, the rising dragon is a great one. This is because the meaning makes sense for almost any person.

This design not only looks good, but it is also an excellent piece for a more massive tattoo. If you are looking for a tattoo for the back, this one holds a lot of positive symbolism.

  • Smaug Dragon Tattoo

Smaug is the frightening dragon of the fictional story, The Hobbit, creation of J.R.R. This is a smart, hoarding dragon that lives in the mountain with all of his gold and jewels. He lives all on his own and is still perfectly fine. However, the Dwarves were looking to get their wealth back after Smaug invaded their kingdom Erebor. When the dwarves come to fight this monster, they wake him up, and he attacks the near city of Laketown. However, Bilbo manages to find a soft spot in his almost impassable armor. During their conversation in the mountain, Bard the Bowman can shoot an arrow and kill him.

People who are huge fans of the Hobbit trilogy often decide to get a Smaug tattoo. In such a tattoo, people can choose to include other characters from the show together with Smaug. When you combine Smaug tattoo with other movie characters, you can immediately know which dragon you use.

When it comes to tattoo styles, you can use whichever you like for the dragon tattoo. However, the tribal style is one of the oldest in the world. This style was first discovered thousands of years ago, and many tribes used different variations of it. This style of tattooing was most widespread in Asia, Europe, the Pacific, and Africa. At that time, the tribes would make cuts on the skin and rub soot or ash into the cuts. In this way, they were able to create tattoos. Even though this is how dragons were initially being done, you don’t have to do this to get the same message.

You should take your time and consider a few things before getting your dragon tattoo. First of all, you should think about the meaning you want to use with your dragon tattoo. This is important since you probably want a meaningful tattoo to fit your need. Next, you should think about the size and placement of the dragon on the body. Last but not least, you should do your research on the artist or shop you are thinking of going to. Once you have an idea, consult the artist and see whether they can improve the design. I go through all these steps; you can be sure that you will have the perfect design. Tattoo design that you will adore and will always be proud of getting it.

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