Cherub Tattoo, Representing Faith, Protection, Spirituality, and Hope.

Cherub Tattoo, Representing Faith, Protection, Spirituality, and Hope.

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If you are looking for some meaningful tattoo, the cherub may be the one for you. A cherub or cherubim is a chubby, healthy-looking baby angel with wings.

Even though cherubs are likely derived from ancient Middle Eastern mythology and iconography, the feature prominently in Islamic, Jewish, and Christian belief is one of the highest-ranking of the classes of angels. In sculpture, cherubs are portrayed as awe-inspiring attendants of the Almighty Himself, with multiple sets of wings.Cherub

However, later on, Christian art gives us the image which is generally connected with them these days, and the one which is used more frequently in tattoo art – that of small children who are nevertheless still angels, having wings, and privileged by being in the presence of God.

In tattoo art, cherubs usually take on the role of benevolent guardians, sometimes at play, and sometimes quietly observing. Most of these beings have an innocent look too.

One thing that you should remember with this tattoo design is the different meanings that can be associated with the baby angel tattoo. The cherub tattoos represent guardians, protection, as well as faith. The wearer of such a tattoo believes a higher power is watching over them, and they often have a permanent reminder of them to say that things will be okay, no matter the sufferings in life. There is a huge association with spirituality with such designs, and they represent hope, Christianity, as well as endless love.

As we already mentioned, there are a few different meanings that can be associated with the cherub or baby angel tattoo. However, your tattoo will always represent what you want it to. Here are some associated meanings:

  • Guardian;
  • Protection;
  • Faith;
  • Innocence;
  • Purity;
  • Spirituality;
  • Hope;
  • Angels;
  • Message bringer;
  • Love and matchmaking.

People believe that the cherub tattoo can offer protection to the wearer. This design is usually used as a memorial tattoo to remember a young person that passed away, such as someone’s child, grandchild, or close your friend. Such designs usually include the name, date of birth, or date of death of the person.

The cherub is seen as a mischievous character that is not always serious but plays innocent games with people.

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