Double Triangle Tattoo: The Story About The Design

Double Triangle Tattoo: The Story About The Design

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Double Triangle

We, as humans, have always found the triangle as a mysterious shape. This is because this three-pointed, three-edged shape always seems to find itself in strange places. The double triangle is even more intriguing. These triangles are often part of the Christian faith. Some people say that each side holds a different sort of trinity.Double Triangle

A trinity is a Christian Godhead, also known as one God in three forms-the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. People often decide to get the double triangle as a subtle way of showing their belief in religion. However, having a double triangle tattoo does not always have to center on religious beliefs. The three sides and points of each triangle can symbolize your spirituality and your spiritual voyage. These sides can also symbolize the past, the present, and the future. If you feel a special link with the moon, each side of the triangles can represent the stages the moon goes through.

Whatever way you decide to recognize this tattoo, it always has a special and spiritual link to the individual. Moreover, it is the ideal way to depict such ideals with the mystery of the triangle subtly.

  • Double Triangle Designs

You can draw a triangle in many different ways. To have a good triangle tattoo, however, the triangle must be equilateral. In other words, each side must be of the same length. The angles inside the triangle must be harmonious, or the same degree, to each other. The direction of the triangles also plays a significant part in the design of the double triangle.

  • Triangles Pointed Downward

If both of the triangles are facing downward, the owner of the tattoo is a woman. This is because it represents a female sign. In the male sign, the triangles are facing upward. This downward double triangle on females can represent their femininity, maternity, Earth, Mother Nature, and the cosmic world. Two downward-facing triangles can symbolize all of these things. They can also be a reminder to the individual that they are the supporters of life.

  • Triangles Pointing Upward

The opposite of the double triangle pointing downward is the double triangle pointing upwards. The upward triangles are, of course, the symbol of males. This is a powerful indication of masculinity, parenting, the ferocious fire element, the sun, and a sub cosmic world.

  • Opposite Triangles

A triangle that points upward also represents the element of fire and air. A downward triangle, involving the female characteristics, represents the element of water and earth. Two triangles that are opposing each other can signify the creation of life. If you want to make it clearer, you can give this tattoo more design. You can add images of fire and even gusts of wind on a mountain top within the frames of the triangle. You can also add a scene of the ocean and perhaps a tree or another symbol. To symbolize the soil of the earth, you can sketch within the frames of the triangle. The symbiosis of the two triangles represents the quintessence of life. Because this tends to be a larger image, it makes almost a diamond shape.

The double triangle tattoos are usually bold, black triangles overlapping one another. Even though you can do this, adding a little color to your piece is always an option as well. Adding color does not have to symbolize anything, either necessarily. Adding color to the classic black double triangle not only makes it more eye-catching, but it gives a unique feel. You can use different colors as well. For instance, one triangle could be blue, and the other one could be red. If you want an even more colorful tattoo, each side of the two triangles could be different colors. In this way, you will end up with hypnotizing 3D illusions that will attract attention.

  • Sacred Geometry

We often hear the phrase Sacred Geometry. This is especially when it comes to researching tattoos that have shapes and figures within them. The double triangle is an ideal example of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry assigns symbolic and sacred meanings behind specific shapes. Using certain geometric proportions can be linked to God and God as the geometer of the world. The purpose of these designs is usually to create holy places such as churches, temples, and mosques. The triangle is often seen as sacred geometry.

A lot of people love ancient Egypt. Egypt is full of pyramids. A lot of people consider their creation a mystery. This is why the pyramids are a prime example of sacred geometry. Since pyramids all have triangular sides, many people mix the two ideas of the double triangle and the pyramids. Two triangles overlapping one another like ancient Egyptian pyramids are a very creative tattoo. This tattoo not only shows your love for geometric patterns but love for ancient, mysterious civilizations.

As you can see, the double triangle is truly a unique tattoo full of meaning. You can twist the design however you want and have a very personal one that you are proud of.

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