Demon Tattoo Design: Popular Meanings And Variations

Demon Tattoo Design: Popular Meanings And Variations

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For many people, demon tattoos are implications for bad people who take pride in their worst attributes and characteristics. This is far from true because wearers of these demon tattoos show that they acknowledge certain things about themselves. The demons in their ink symbolize those traits better than any other tattoos would. This means that you shouldn’t assume that all of these tattoos have negative connotations.Demon

Popular Demon Tattoos

Some demon tattoos follow a Christian heaven-and-hell based theology. They often include horrible creatures with leathery skin, claw hands, and large, ox-like horns. They indicate the signs of the beast, which is a reference to Satan. The visage includes a frightening appearance, and its purpose is to provoke terror in others.

Demon faces in the tattoos are often male, although female images are also sometimes in use. Moreover, images of children who had supposedly become possessed can also be part of demon tattoos. The type of demon in the tattoo determines the meaning of the tattoo. However, many people choose the demonic images that affect them the most.

There are some famous demons, such as Pontianak, Ronove, and many others. They are often part of these types of tattoos. Their use can improve the meaning of these tattoos even more because you add whatever those demons represent in their stories. It is always a terrific idea to research the details about the demon you want to incorporate before you get the tattoo.

Demon tattoos intend to inspire fear, serving as a warning to others to stay away. This is why most of these tattoos have the demons roaring or making a menacing face at those who look at them.

Demon portraits reveal darkness and fault within the individual that shouldn’t be evident to others. Sometimes people comprise other images to make that precise darkness a bit more clear for outside observers. In other cases, people decide to leave any descriptive imagery to add in an air of mystery.

Full-body images of demons with horns and just as menacing often have a very powerful body. They can be rendered like warriors, complete with horned armor and striking weaponry, often large swords or scimitars. It’s perfect for people who want to get a classic military or warrior tattoo. This is because they can avoid one of the many clichés designs that others often go with. Getting a full-bodied demon also allows people to get more creative with their designs and have a unique design.

Other Demon Tattoos

In Japanese mythology, yokai is a wide category of demons that comes in many forms. They are mostly ghastly animal-like creatures with strange, twisted, and mutilated bodies, some with many sets of eyes. Their purpose is to trick and deceive humans, causing misfortunes and pain to those they choose to pester.

Oni is a type of yokai that is very famous and appears much more like Western lore demons. Their man-like faces have angry grimaces. In this way, they look much like a tormented samurai adorned with fangs and horns. While there are classic yokai designs, most people choose to twist the classics to make their demons unique.

Although the majority of demon tattoos are quite frightening and graphic, plenty of designs use a cartoon style. The reason is to show that the person is “devilish” without any negative connotations for demons.

Demon Tattoo Design

There are thousands of different demon tattoo styles out there right now. So, people have plenty of options when it comes to these tattoos. For instance, you can get a realistic-looking human-ish demon. You can also get your favorite demon from the movies or any other type of demon that you can find. You can even come up with your demonic design. You can achieve this by either drawing it yourself or working with an artist.

Wings are often part of demon tattoos to improve the terroristic elements of the demon. They often go along with skulls or broken skeletons to point to past slayings. These elements can insert a bunch more meanings – both negative and positive. However, they can be there to give the image a more striking appearance.

Grayscale is often part of demon tattoos with dark tones such as grays, deep blood reds, shadowy blues, and black. Everything depends on your personal preferences and how you want the image to look on your skin. This motif might look better in classic black and grey rather than color for you. You might instead choose to use many colors to make the image stand out a bit more.

Is a Demon Tattoo Right for You?

Demon tattoos are ideal for some people and completely wrong for others. You can determine this based on how you feel about the demonic imagery and the traits you’re most proud of. In my opinion, they need to be treated like any other tattoo design. That means that you need to be careful, choose wisely, and always think before you ink.


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