Enso Tattoo: From Zen Philosophy To Tattoo Art Design

Enso Tattoo: From Zen Philosophy To Tattoo Art Design

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Enso Symbol Tattoos

People who follow Zen philosophies know that there are many ideas that you try to make a part of your life. The majority of us try to implement some Zen way and apply them to our lives, but it isn’t always easy. We are so concerned with what society tells us we should be doing that we lose track of ourselves. The most vital thing is to remember who we are and to bear in mind some of those Zen ways we are trying to implement. The perfect way to remember them is by getting a tattoo. When it comes to these tattoos, there are many Zen designs to choose from. Then the Enso symbol is one of the great possibilities.

The enso is recognized as a Zen or Buddhist symbol that holds a lot of meaning. This symbol belongs to the most popular Zen symbols, and lots of people who believe in the philosophy will know exactly what this symbol stands for. However, lots of other people haven’t seen this symbol or aren’t sure about what it means.

About the Enso

The look of the enso is like a circle drawn with a paintbrush. Even though in most cases, the circle will be illustrated with an open space, there are so people who tend to draw a completely closed circle. To illustrate the enso, you need the same mechanics and tools used to draw traditional Japanese calligraphy. This process involves using a brush to apply the ink to a thin Japanese paper known as washi.

The enso can be closed or opened. When the symbol is open, it allows space for improvement and movement in addition to leaving room for perfection. People who practice Zen can relate to the idea of wabi-sabi, or the beauty in not being perfect. In the case when the enso symbol is drawn or tattooed as closed, it might symbolize perfection.

The look of the image should be as if it was painted on with a brush. This is the mean reason why the drawing and tattooing of it are different. It should be clear that the enso is created with one stroke of the brush. In the case when the enso is drawn within the rules of Japanese calligraphy, it should be done swiftly. You cannot change it once it is drawn, suggesting that every enso will have slight differences, which coincides with the idea of imperfection.

Enso Tattoos Meaning And Symbolism

In the Japanese language, enso means circle. The idea of this image is tied very closely to Zen practices. Japanese calligraphy is one of the most used general subjects, and this applies even though the enso is not a character.

The enso tattoo represents power, enlightenment, infinity, the universe, the void, and grace. Moreover, it is used to describe the Japanese aesthetic in itself. This tattoo or drawing is often recognized as a type of minimalist art and an “expression of movement.” This is one of those simple tattoos wrapped with meanings.

In its most wide sense, the enso tattoo meaning is tied in with the traits of the universe. It conjures up its limitless power, magnificence, and natural phenomena. It can also represent the void and the vital state in which all dualities and distinctions are taken away.

In the Zen teaching of the Buddhist way of life, the enso is considered a sacred symbol. It stands for the perfect state of meditation or the infinite void.

As a tattoo design, this image also symbolizes the moment where the spirit and body can create since the mind is completely free. In the case of a tattoo, you are letting the artist draw the enso according to their specifications. They are a perfect way to express the idea of imperfection. Because every enso image is not altered at all after the stroke of the brush, this could be the equivalent of that.

Enso Tattoos And Variations

Enso with Tree Tattoo

The most popular enso tattoo is the one where the motif is tattooed with the tree of life in the middle of the circle. The idea behind this tattoo is that the owner is embracing the idea of an imperfect life. This is a great way to represent the idea of being Zen and accepting your life for what it is.

Enso with Lotus Tattoo

Another tattoo that stands for imperfection is one of the enso with a lotus flower in the middle. The lotus is a stunning flower sitting on a pond that hovers over dirt and mud. In that sense, this tattoo suggests that you will rise from the mud to create a life that is imperfect in the eyes of others but perfect in yours. It’s accepting what fate has in store for you, but at the same time, knowing you can rise above those bad parts.

Watercolor Enso Tattoos

Not all of the designs include other elements in it. Sometimes, this design is tattooed in different styles. For instance, the enso can be tattooed in a watercolor style. It fits wonderfully with the theme of the enso tattoo as the watercolor style gives the effect of painting with a brush. This tattoo represents a perfect blend of uniqueness and also keeping the idea of what this tattoo motif was supposed to be.

If you are interested in Zen philosophy and what this symbol stands for, then you should consider getting this tattoo.

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