Goat Tattoo: Representing Ambition, Curiosity, Fertility And Power of Procreation

Goat Tattoo: Representing Ambition, Curiosity, Fertility And Power of Procreation

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In a lot of articles before, we mentioned that animals are very common motifs for tattoos. Some of them find their uses in tattoo art constantly, while some of them rarely. However, this depends on the animal and its meaning and symbolism. There are a lot of animals that have specific symbolism. There are others that symbolize nothing at all. Because of this, some of them are common motifs for tattoos, and some aren’t. Here, we are going to talk about one such animal tattoo, and it is the goat tattoo design.

  • Common characteristics of the goat.Goat

Goats were the first animals that the early humans domesticated. They were our source of milk, food, and shelter. In some places, a goat is worth its weight in gold. These little animals were a really important part of the development of human civilization. A lot of legends, myths, and religions arose in honor of the goat.

According to the Norse folklore, the thunder god Thor rode a chariot pulled by a herd of goats which regenerate each morning after he feasted on their flesh at nights. The Greek god of hunting and wilderness, named Pan, was a lustful half-goat, half-man. This god spent his days chasing nymphs. This may also account for the association of the animal with virility and fertility. Pan is only one of the numerous half-goat hybrids in the tradition of Greece. The Capricorn, which is for the Zodiac sign and Satyrs, are all elements of this culture.

These little animals are curious by nature, and this natural curiosity breeds a level of intelligence. They will nibble on any object within reach of their mouths, and this leads to the belief that goats eat anything. Of course, you can doubt that a tin can is a tasty meal.

The goat is a really special animal that you can look upon from different perspectives. Some people believe that they are a blessing, something which keeps people in rural places wealthy and alive. Others believe that they are intimidating and hence don’t think they are the sign of good luck. In a lot of cultures, the goat was the sign of life and prosperity.

  • Goat tattoo, meaning, and symbolism.

Just like the bull and the ram, the goat was often the symbol of the powers of procreation. Some societies regarded it as a god, while others regarded it as a devil. The ancient Greeks were also taking part in an already ages-old tradition when they used for sacrifices to their gods.

Interestingly, in Hawaii, where Captain Cook introduced the goat, it became a very popular tattoo motif. This was possible because of the rarity and novelty of the animal. Goat tattoos can be a symbol of ambition. This comes from the fact that this animal loves climbing, usually doing that because they are stubborn.

These animals can have so much symbolism attached to them in tattoos. Here are some of the most common:

  • Curiosity – goats have fearless curiosity, and they come just several centimeters away from something that they find interesting. They will not feel afraid of it at all. If you are a person that looks for adventure, you can think about this tattoo.
  • Ambition – the fearless climbing to heights where humans feel afraid to climb approves the connection between goats and ambitions. A lot of people do not see this animal as an ambitious one. However, they don’t think of the fact that the animal lives in mountain areas where life can be difficult.
  • Intelligence – the goat is a pretty smart animal, little did you know. It has an excellent sense of what happens around it, and it lets no one interrupt it.
  • Playfulness – the goat can be a really fun animal to play with since it can be stubborn and loves to win.
  • Fertility and virility – this has a connection with the god Pan who was half-goat and half-man and was very lustful.
  • Wealth – as goats give meat and milk, they are seen as something that feeds and lets people live a happy and prosperous life.

Goat tattoo may have a lot of different variations. They are usually the symbol of power, vital force, the libido, and also fertility. However, the goat is also a tragic animal.

A lot of civilizations in the world worshiped this animal, and members from those civilizations get tattoos of goats to pay respect to their ancestors. Many cultures had special relationships with this animal, and that is why it is very popular nowadays. That is also the reason why it is popular as a tattoo design.

There are people who feel afraid of goats as of the fact that they may sometimes be intrusive. After all, the tattoos of this animal are beautiful and interesting. Many people choose them because of their symbolism and meaning, while others simply chose it as they are animal lovers. It can be a male or female design.

Think wisely, and you may decide to choose the goat tattoo for your next piece of body art!

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