GRL PWR Tattoo Design: Struggle For Equality In The Tattoo Culture

GRL PWR Tattoo Design: Struggle For Equality In The Tattoo Culture

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The girl power tattoo or shortened form as the GRL PWR tattoo is really popular these days worldwide. Nowadays, society is very much improved when it comes to women’s rights. When you compare it with years ago, you can see the improvement. However, there is still a long and challenging way to go. Every day, women face new challenges, and most people don’t seem to care.

Most women have low-wage jobs, under-compensated or unpaid jobs for caregiving. Governments need to start investing in employment initiatives, support systems, and education for things to change.

These are not the only difficulties women face but are enough to realize the struggles women face. This is why women have banded together for support and to make changes. This act of togetherness has happened in a lot of ways. They organize the Women’s March in Washington D.C. they also raise awareness through different groups and organizations. Another thing we see women do to raise awareness along with these other great ideas is getting tattoos.

  • Origin of the GRL PWR Tattoo 

Most people, even women, don’t know that GRL-PWR is a nonprofit organization. This group is devoted to using group activities and strong role models for building self-respect for young girls. The elementary purpose of the organization is to offer week-long camps and empowerment courses to elementary-aged girls.

Through the course, young women learn how to be successful and confident. After being involved with the GRL-PWR program, they are prepared for whatever they face in their life. All girls, regardless of age, face self-respect issues, and the goal is to help these girls love themselves.

The GRL PWR tattoo represents a symbol of new and modern feminism. By definition, feminism revolves around a range of ideologies, social movements, and political movements that share a common goal. The goal is to reach equality between both sexes through achieving personal, political, and economic equality.

The feminist movement continues to campaign for women’s rights. The right to hold public office, work, vote, earn equal wages, receive education, and own property. Women face these kinds of issues and injustice all around the world. However, in some countries, women are not allowed fundamental human rights.

  • GRL PWR Tattoo Meaning

As you probably imagine, this tattoo design is a symbol that represents all the women fighting for everything mentioned above. To get a GRL PWR tattoo means that you wear a sign or symbol of solidarity. It is always good to see people coming together to fight a common cause. Besides, these acts are perfect examples to set for young women growing up in a new world. Even though women may be able to vote and drive a car, that is not enough. There are plenty of other issues that we need to solve for them.

The GRL PWR tattoo can be secret if you want. You can put these small words in a place where employers won’t be able to see them. This is because many businesses aren’t fans of tattoos in general. Even if that is the case, you will know you have it, which is enough for you.

  • GRL PWR Tattoo Variations

There are few different ways to tattoo this tattoo design. Most women tend to get this tattoo with simple and plain text. However, you can see other objects added to the tattoo to improve the tattoo’s whole idea. Below are few ideas of the GRL PWR tattoo.

  • GRL PWR and Hand Tattoo

One very popular version of this tattoo is the text with a hand forming the rock and roll symbol. In other words, the index and the pinky fingers being the only fingers extended. This version of the GRL PWR tattoo gives a bit more of a badass feel.

  • GRL PWR Tattoo with Eyelashes

If you want to give a more feminine vibe to your GRL PWR tattoo, you can add eyelashes. We all know that long eyelashes are a symbol of women. Adding this image to this tattoo highlights the power of the feminine.

These tattoo motifs are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to GRL PWR tattoos. It would be excellent if you did whatever empowers you and what gives your tattoo the edge you’ve been going for. If you have trouble deciding what to add to your GRL PWR tattoo, you can always consult the tattoo artist. No matter what sort of art design you choose, you can be sure that you are sending a strong message. The most important thing is that you show support for all the women fighting for their rights with this tattoo.

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