Sunflower Tattoo Design: Different Types With Interesting Symbolism

Sunflower Tattoo Design: Different Types With Interesting Symbolism

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Sunflower Tattoo

If you’re searching for a tattoo that carries a special meaning to it, then you can never be wrong with a sunflower tattoo design. That’s because each flower carries a unique purpose and meaning, ranging from persistence to the flowers that bloom on your birth month. Sunflowers are the symbol of Clytie, a water nymph from Greek mythology. This is because she transformed herself into a sunflower after mourning the loss of the Greek God Apollo. He was her true love. In the form of a sunflower, she always faces where the sun is. This is because she hopes for Apollo, the sun god, to return and be reunited with her once more. Daphne, who is another nymph, is also associated with the sunflower.  Sunflower Tattoo

In China, sunflowers stand for long life, luck and are considered to be a promising symbol. The yellow color of the flower is meant to represent intelligence and energy and happiness, and positivity. 

In Christianity, the sunflower represents God’s love for his people. This is also a symbol of Christians’ unchangeable faith that could guide their soul to heaven when they pass on. 

Simply, the sunflower tattoo is gaining so much popularity across the world of tattooing. This is not only because it radiates positivity, but it’s chock-full of symbolism as well. 

Through the years, sunflowers have grown in popularity as a tattoo design. This is because there’s just something so appealing about them, along with their real-life counterparts. Moreover, there are also their stunning colors and unique appearance. And not only that, but they also convey very deep and profound meaning, making them twice as unique and well-liked by both artists and wearers. 

We consider sunflowers a source of energy, life, and happiness since they associate themselves with the sun- the primary source of natural light and energy for most living things. This is the reason why sunflowers attract so much attention across the world. They carry so much symbolism and meaning and look pleasant to the eyes as well. 

Types of Sunflower Tattoo Designs  

The floral tattoos represent a beautiful concept, thus making it a popular design amongst tattoo fans. One of the most required floral tattoo designs is sunflower tattoos. Sunflower has a beautiful, long stem and gorgeous yellow petals in real life, looking like the sun’s rays. This flower evokes the feeling of cheerfulness and joy and is just as inviting and warm as a beautiful summer day. A sunflower’s appearance is the most important reason why these flowers attract so many people, especially during the spring and summer seasons. 

Nowadays, the sunflower is gaining popularity amongst tattoo art designs, not just because it gives off such an uplifting and happy vibe but also thanks to its symbolism. Women more often get sunflower tattoos since it gives off a feminine and radiant vibe. A sunflower tattoo does have a versatile design to it, and with a little bit of modification, men can get one too. There are just so many different art designs you can do using a sunflower tattoo. 

The sunflower evokes a kind of joy that only a few flowers can match. For instance, we commonly associate roses with romance. Sunflowers tend to bring a sunny and bright day without any form of worries or stress. With sunflowers, it appears as if everything is just fine with the world. Using this type of view in your tattoo design, it’s not hard to see why so many people choose to get this motif. 

  • Singular Sunflower Tattoo: A lone sunflower placed on your body is practically a complete design in itself since there’s just something so enjoyable and calming about seeing this particular flower. This is the reason why it stands out so much amongst the rest. Apart from the simple floral options, the artist can create their interpretation regarding the sunflower designs, creating something unique and beautiful. 
  • Modified Sunflower Tattoo: To achieve this, you artist can modify the middle part of the flower. For example, the artist can include a phrase or a word inside the middle of the sunflower or incorporate other symbols like anchors, stars, dream catchers, and arrows. Sometimes, the sunflower’s petals are modified – including flames, feathers, or bird or angel wings. Girls who want a feminine-themed sunflower tattoo can ask their artist to do one with butterflies and hummingbirds. 
  • A cluster of Sunflowers: Tattoo fans can try to use some highly creative tattoo design options instead of going for the singular sunflower, including cluster tattoo designs. A beautiful sunflower bouquet tattoo can capture the attention of those who see it. 
  • Sunflower and Rose Tattoo: There are no limits, and you are free to incorporate other types of flowers in your tattoo art bouquet as well. For instance, cherry blossoms or roses. This is a way to complement the whole artistic look of your sunflower tattoo. You can interrelate your varied group of flowers using vines or even musical notes. The only thing needed here is the uncontaminated originality of the tattoo artist and the consent and propositions of the client. In the end, you’ll end up wearing something attractive in regards to tattoo art. 
  • Sunflower in Sleeve Tattoo: A sunflower tattoo looks good when included in a much bigger piece of art since it seems so simple yet eye-catching. You can get your tattoo artist to do a big sunflower field at your back or place the sunflower with your other tattoos, like a group of dolphins. 


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