Horseshoe Tattoos: Symbolizing Good Luck And Protection.

Horseshoe Tattoos: Symbolizing Good Luck And Protection.

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Until now, we talked about numerous different tattoo ideas and designs, and here, we will talk about the horseshoe tattoo. This is probably the best known lucky charm or amulet in the West. The ancient Romans were the ones that invented the horseshoe. The most plausible theory dates the first horseshoe back to medieval times. During those times, horses were still the instrument of war.

Some smart blacksmith in Northern Europe got the bright idea to fit U-shaped irons to their hooves. The horseshoe is made of different materials, such as aluminum, plastic, copper, and titanium.

  • The characteristics.

The horseshoe is a fabricated product, which is usually of metal. However, it can sometimes be made partially or wholly of modern synthetic materials. The horseshoe is designed to protect the hoof of the horse from wear. The horseshoes are attached to the palmar surface of the hooves. There are even cases where people glue the shoes to the horse’s hooves.

The fitting of horseshoes is a professional occupation, and a farrier conducts it. The farrier specializes in the preparation of feet, assessing potential lameness problems, and fitting appropriate shoes. This includes fitting remedial features when there is a need for some.Horseshoe

In specific countries in the world, like the United Kingdom, horseshoeing is legally restricted to just people that have specific qualifications and experience. In others, like in the U.S., where professional licensing is not legally required, the professional organizations provide certification program which publicly identifies the qualified individuals.

Horseshoes can be made in different styles, and they are such for different types of horses and work they do. The most common materials are aluminum and steel, but specific shoes can include rubber, plastic, titanium, magnesium, and copper. Steel is common in sports where durable, and а long-wearing shoe is needed. Such sports are polo, show jumping, and western riding events.

The aluminum shoes are much lighter, which makes them common in horse racing. In such races, the lighter shoe is quite common, and it usually facilitates different types of movements. That’s why they are also common in dressage. Some horseshoes even have Caulkins, caulks, or calks, which are protrusions at the toe or heels of the shoe. There can also be both to provide some additional traction.

  • The horseshoe is a universal good luck charm.

The horseshoe is a universal good luck charm of all. It has some other names, such as rabbit’s foot, or the four-leaf clover. If the two ends of the horseshoe pointing up, it means that the place will be clear of negative influences.

There is a lot of confusion, too, when it comes to the ideal age of our good luck charm. Some say that a horseshoe has to be brand new in order for its beneficial powers to work. According to others, when a horseshoe is stolen, the original owner will experience good luck. The thief will simply have misfortune.

  • Horseshoe tattoo, meaning, and symbolism.

As we already mentioned, the horseshoe is the best known lucky charm or amulet in the West. Among the ancient Romans, the “U” shape symbolizes protection from evil. Moreover, the shape itself also has its association with a crescent moon and, in that way, fertility.

According to the traditions from more recently, these “shoes” hungover doorways protected the occupants of the home. It sometimes pointed down, which was to drain off good luck, and sometimes up, to hold good luck.

Usually, the most interesting thing about looking at the tattoo of a person is the meaning that stands behind it. One of the things which make tattoos so interesting is that each of them has several meanings. Those meanings make the tattoo even more personal to the wearer. Horseshoe tattoos aren’t different, and they are excellent symbols for men and women tattoo wearers. Just like most tattoos, horseshoe tattoos come with more than just one meaning.

In tattoo artwork, the horseshoe generally points up, but it can also appear in combination with some other symbols.

The horseshoe tattoo has two general meanings. People who love horses, have horses, or are horseshoe pitchers are the ones that wear these tattoo designs. The second main meaning is that the horseshoe is the symbol of luck.

There are also some other meanings for this tattoo design, which aren’t that common. Some of them are protection and fertility. Horseshoes are protective symbols as the Romans created them for the first time. Then, they used them to protect the feet of the horses they used in wars.

Throughout the ages, people wore horseshoe tattoos as amulets, charms, and symbols of protection. So, if you are looking for a tattoo that will symbolize protection or good luck, this one is excellent. It can be the perfect symbol for you if you also want to show the world something else. In the end, your tattoo will symbolize what you want it to symbolize.

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