Lace Tattoos And Ideas With Body Placement For Your Design

Lace Tattoos And Ideas With Body Placement For Your Design

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Lace Tattoos

Lace tattoos allow women a way to insert new femininity to their ink while at the same time introducing additional meanings to their designs. If you’ve never seen lace tattoos before, then you’ll probably be quite impressed by how natural and fantastic they look on the skin.

Used almost exclusively on women’s garments, and elaborate, more colorful, men’s clothing, throughout history, lace is generally a feminine image. That’s not to say that men can’t get these tattoos. It’s just far more common to see them on women. The fact is that most of these designs are created to look like women’s garments, so it only makes sense that ladies end up getting lace tattoos far more often than men do.

Ideas for Lace tattoos:

Lace Flower Tattoo:

This type of tattoo is made up of lace and a rose flower (or any other flower that you like). It can be drawn in any way or color provided there are lace and a flower on the tattoo. However, the conventional drawing is made up of a very colorful flower and black lace with the lace tied around the stem of the flower.

Lace Butterfly Tattoo:

Butterflies are gorgeous, and so some people will use this beauty to enhance the appearance of their tattoos. This symbol is made up of a butterfly and lace, with either of them being the centerpiece. The design can be made out of lace with one or a few butterflies on it. In this case, the lace is the centerpiece in the drawing. In other variations, the butterfly is the centerpiece.

Lace Ribbon Tattoo:

This is perhaps the most common type of this tattoo, and it is also drawn in different variations depending on the creativity of the artists. The lace ribbon as well can be drawn as part of another tattoo.

3D white ink lace:

This is a relatively new type of lace, but it is quite exquisite. This tattoo is drawn to appear colorless and in 3D. White ink looks fantastic, especially for people with very light skin. However, since it is entirely new, you have to look for an artist that is well comfortable with the design, or otherwise, you will not get the drawing you might wish for.

Optical illusion and realistic tattoos:

This type of lace tattoo is drawn to look as realistic as possible, and if outlined well, it can achieve this. In this tattoo, the lace ribbon is made to look as real as possible through the art of optical illusion.

The lacy paw:

As the name suggests, this tattoo is drawn to take the shape of a paw. The lacy paw is a big leg and upper arm tattoo. If you love dogs and you wish to have a unique tattoo symbol to show it, then this would be an excellent idea for you.

The lace Dragon:

The dragon has been incorporated in most tattoo types, and the lace is also not left behind. The lace dragon is quite captivating when adequately drawn. A great idea to make it look even more fantastic is to have a huge one on the back or chest.

Lace with lettering:

This tattoo adds a few words to the symbol to give it more meaning. The lettering can be done on any of these tattoos, but you have to choose carefully where to have the words to prevent the tattoo design from looking awkward.

Sexy Lace

If you are looking for a sexy design, then look no further than this tattoo. It shines with elegance as the tattoo trails down her back.

Placement Ideas

When getting a tattoo, it is essential to take enough time to research and think before choosing the tattoo you want to be inked on you. However, it is also equally important to select the location of the design carefully.Lace Tattoos

The placement of your tattoo will be influenced by things like the tattoo design, the size of the symbol, personal preferences, and sometimes also the color. For lace tattoos, the following are some of the places where it will look fantastic.


The lace is considered as a more feminine tattoo, and that is the reason why the leg is one of the most popular and typical places for putting it. Depending on the meaning that you want the tattoo to portray the leg is an excellent place to have your tattoo.


You can also choose to have the tattoo inked on one shoulder or both depending on your preferences. Shoulder tattoo works very well for women as they also act as an additional fashion accessory. However, if you wish to show your shoulder tattoo, then you have to be ready to wear strapless tops or tops that are designed to expose one’s shoulders.

Entire back:

A lace tattoo covering the whole back is quite common, and so if you love big tattoos, this will be an excellent placement idea for you. The most significant advantage of having your lace symbol on the back is that there is more than enough space, and the end is easier to work with. Drawing a back tattoo is comfortable for both the person getting the tattoo design and the artist, and so discomfort will never be an impediment to getting the tattoo design you have always wanted.

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