Leo Tattoos: Characteristics Of This Sign Of The Zodiac.

Leo Tattoos: Characteristics Of This Sign Of The Zodiac.

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Getting a tattoo is up there when talking about commitments, so you want to feel good about what it represents. You will feel good even when it represents some of your mistakes in your life. For those people that would like astrology to guide them, they can get tattoos of their sign of the Zodiac. Tattoos of Zodiac signs are the ones that will fit your personality because that is what is written in the stars. If you are born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August, then your Zodiac sign is Leo. Leos are quite generous, and they tend to find themselves in the limelight. Maybe this is why so many of them find themselves attracted to the theater and other performance arts. After all, this is a sun sign which thrives on drama.

Here, we will talk about the characteristics of this Zodiac sign, together with its uses and meaning in tattoo art.Leo

  • Characteristic of the sign of Leo.

Leo – 23rd of July – 22nd of August – is the fifth Zodiac sign. Sometimes, an oval with a rising and downward-curving “tail” reminiscent of some sun symbols symbolizes it. The pictorial symbol for the astrological sign is usually a lion.

Leo finds its association with summer in the Northern Hemisphere and with heat, fire, and light. People that are born during this astrological interval possess psychological traits that have associations with these images.

Leos are strong-willed and high powered, with ambition and a flair for life. However, in extreme cases, they are to the point of being aggressive, stubborn, and intolerant.

Some of the strengths of this Zodiac sign are: passionate, creative, warm-hearted, generous, cheerful, and humorous. Some of the weaknesses of Leo are: arrogant, self-centered, stubborn, inflexible, and lazy.

Usually, Leos like theater, being admired, taking holidays, bright colors, expensive things, fun with their friends, etc. However, they dislike being ignored, not being treated like a king or queen, facing difficult reality, and so on.

Those people who are born under Leo are natural leaders. They are creative, dominant, dramatic, and self-confident. They are extremely hard to resist and have the ability to achieve anything they want to in their lives.

Leos usually have many friends, for they are loyal and generous. Attractive and self0confident, this is a sun sign which is capable of uniting different groups of people. Their healthy sense of humor also makes collaboration with others even easier.

  • Leo tattoos designs – meaning and symbolism.

The story of the Lion speaks of courage and bravery. This is a fearless animal, impossible to challenge, destroy, or hurt. Their only weaknesses are fear and aggression towards those they confront.

Every individual in this world has its own Zodiac sign. Every person is born under a different Zodiac sign according to his or her birth month and date. We already said who the people born under Leo are and what their characteristics.

Leos are very fiery and have an explosive personality. If you are born under this sign, and you want to get a cool Leo tattoo, then continue reading. Leo Zodiac tattoo is mostly the face of a lion with a dense mane. As it is a very intricate tattoo, ensure to get it from your favorite artist.

Leo Zodiac tattoos are huge, and so they are very painful as they take a long time to be done entirely. However, those people that don’t like huge tattoos can get a non-complex broad line Leo tattoos.

In such tattoos, they can represent the symbol of the Sun, the sign for Leo, and the symbol for fire. The Sun rules this sign, while fire is the controlling element. This is a simple design that manages to convey the straightforward attitude of Leos.

Another simpler design is only the symbol of Leo. This is a beautiful design which you can place anywhere you want, but it will be especially pretty on the ankle or wrist.

Leo tattoos are more common among people who are born under this sign. Usually, Leo tattoos will symbolize some of the characteristics of the Zodiac sign, which are also the characteristics of the person that wears it.

If you are enthusiastic about astronomy, maybe a tattoo of the constellation of Leo is going to suit you better. The story behind the constellation might also give you some ideas for Leo Zodiac tattoos. It revolves around the legend of Hercules and the Nemean Lion. This tattoo design is another excellent variation.

Moreover, you can combine Leo zodiac tattoo with quotes, flowers, crowns, stars, and a lot of other designs. There are many different designs for Leo tattoos for both males and females.

If you are interested in this tattoo design, search on the internet, and you will find many interesting ones. Such designs are going to be the best options for your tattoo. If you want your tattoo to be authentic, choose between the symbol of the Zodiac of Leo, or the constellation of this sign. You will never be wrong with these two because they make excellent designs.

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