Lightning Tattoos: Power, Decisiveness, Inequality, Energy And Swiftness.

Lightning Tattoos: Power, Decisiveness, Inequality, Energy And Swiftness.

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Getting a tattoo is a commitment that you make for life, literally said. While there are some ways to remove a tattoo, they are not always successful. Moreover, they can look ugly if they aren’t done in the proper way. When it comes to choosing your tattoo design, you have to be very careful. Also, you have to consider these two things: What it means to you personally, and what it might mean to others. One of the most popular tattoos is the lightning tattoo. This design is usually favorite among tattoo lovers as of their symbolic meaning. Lightning, after all, is the herald of a storm, and it was the symbol of the Gods of old. The meaning of lightning tattoos can vary from power and swiftness to decisiveness.Lightning

But, not all lightning tattoos are equal. Some of them can symbolize inequality, fascism, and racism. Lightning tattoos can mean several things to several people and cultures. It is always best to inform yourself about the meanings of these tattoos before permanently placing them on your skin.

  • What does it represent?

Lightning is a naturally occurring electrostatic discharge. During this phenomenon, two electrically charged regions in our atmosphere or ground temporarily equalize themselves. In this way, they cause the immediate release of as much as one billion joules of energy.

The discharge may actually produce a wide range of electromagnetic radiations, from very hot plasma to brilliant flashes of visible light. Usually, a thunder follows after the lightning. Thunders are audible sounds that the shock wave which develops as gases in the vicinity of the discharge produces, as it experiences a sudden increase in pressure. Thunders happen during thunderstorms and other kinds of energetic weather systems.

The three main types of lightning are different, mostly for where they occur. They may happen either inside a single thundercloud, between two separate clouds, or between a cloud and the ground. A lot of other observational variants are present. These include heat lightning, which we can see from a great distance, but we can’t hear. There is also dry lightning, which may cause forest fires, and ball lightning, which science rarely observes.

Humans were defining lightning for millennia, and there are many expressions that lightning inspires. In several languages, the notion of “Love at first sight” literally translates as “lightning strike.” Also, lightning is present in tattoo art, and many people simply adore this tattoo design.

  • Tattoos, meaning, and symbolism.

For a long time, people viewed this as the combination of the force of life along with its destroyer. In those times, this was either a quick flash in a dark and cloudy sky or a bolt from the hand of Zeus.

From ancient Babylon to ancient Peru, cultures saw this phenomenon in close conjunction with rain, which sometimes produces it. Also, they associated it with the sun, which is sometimes confused with it. Thus, it was a potent symbol for the generation of life and fertility.

At the same time, the destructive and dangerous capacity of lightning was also famous. Its control was almost always in the hands of sky gods. In tattoos, both the stylized bolt and the more realistic portrayals with inclement weather may be present. The bolt might represent electricity. However, electricity and lightning represent power and energy.

This tattoo design may symbolize a lot of positive concepts, all of which change depending on the context. Lightning evokes a sense of awe, undiluted reverence, and sheer power. This is one of the main reasons why people decide to get lightning tattoos.

This can not be just an amazing natural phenomenon but also a spectacular design on the human body. These tattoos can be very powerful, carrying with them all the energy of electrical discharges. They can also carry the lethal force of these discharges and their power. You can decorate yourself with this tattoo design, and remember that you will make the right choice.

Just like we already mentioned, the meaning of these tattoos may vary from strength and power to swiftness and decisiveness. Moreover, they can symbolize racism, fascism, and inequality. However, the last three are more common uses and symbolism.

For a long time, people used this phenomenon as the symbol of the power and might of the Gods. To the Greeks, Zeus threw lightning bolts with his own hands. Zeus was the father of all gods, and the principal God on Mount Olympus. For them, this phenomenon symbolized power. Moreover, as they had the ability to predict it, it was also the symbol of the capricious nature of the Gods and also the world in which men lived.

As this phenomenon usually accompanies a rainstorm, it is also the symbol of fertility. The rain is the crucial element to a successful crop. Some cultures considered lightning as male, because the sun is also male, and the earth is female. Generally said, these tattoos are a stunning piece of art, especially when it comes to tattoos.

Remember that, after all, your tattoo will symbolize and mean whatever you want it to. You just have to choose carefully, because you will have it on your body for your whole life.

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