Lotus Flower: Purity, Fertility, Beauty, Knowledge And Grace.

Lotus Flower: Purity, Fertility, Beauty, Knowledge And Grace.

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Among the different tattoo designs found nowadays, flower tattoos are the most popular ones. This is because they aren’t just beautiful and appealing to eyes, but there are numerous meanings associated with them. You may not be conscious, but almost every flower has deep meaning and symbolism. Floral tattoos are always more common among women. Nowadays, there are a great number of flower tattoos. They are particularly special because of their symbolism and meaning. Here, we will talk about lotus flower tattoos and tattoo designs.Lotus

Lotus tattoos are definitely some of the most popular tattoo designs existing out there. This is not only because of the beautiful appearance of the flower but also for its symbolic and rich meanings.

The lotus flower has a lot of different meanings which find their basis on various factors, religion, and colors. The lotus is present in white, purple, blue, pink, and red colors, and each of these colors has unique and specific meanings.

  • Characteristics of the flower.

The aquatic sacred lotus plant grows around the world. Nelumbo nucifera, or Indian lotus, sacred lotus, etc. is one of the extant species of aquatic plants in the family Nelumbonaceae. Usually, specialists colloquially call it a water lily. Under favorable circumstances, the seeds of this aquatic perennial may remain viable for several years. The oldest recorded lotus germination is from that of seeds 1,300 years old, recovered from a dry lakebed in northeastern China.

This flower has a very wide native distribution, which ranges from northern to central India. Also, it covers through Indochina north and East Asia, with isolated locations at the Caspian Sea.

Nowadays, the species also happens in southern India, Sri Lanka, virtually all of Southeast Asia, and New Guinea. Moreover, it is present in northern and eastern Australia. However, this is probably the result of human translocations. It has a very long history of cultivation, as its seeds are edible. People commonly cultivate it in water gardens. It is even the national flower of Vietnam and India.

Generally said, this flower symbolizes beauty, purity, majesty, fertility, grace, richness, wealth, serenity, and knowledge. The pink one is the national flower of India. Other names by which we know this flower are Indian lotus and Sacred Water Lily.

This plant has its roots firmly in the mud and sends out long stems to which it has its leaves attached. The leaves are sometimes raised above the water surface, just like its flowers. The fragrant and beautiful lotus flower opens in the morning, and its petals fall in the afternoon.

  • Meaning and symbolism.

Like the rose in the West, the lotus of the East is the most significant of the flower symbols. This is because it is the one which is the richest with meanings. It springs forth from muddy and murky waters, floating on top, opening in the morning and closing in the evening.

For the Egyptians, it was the first flower, and from it sprang the first gods. A lot of the pillars of the monumental architecture there has the design of a bunch of lotus flowers.

In Hinduism, the blossom of this flower is the most popular symbol for both art and spirituality. Brahma, the world’s creator, was also born from a lotus blossom that grew from the navel of Vishnu, who was sleeping on the water.

For Buddhists, this flower is equally important, as it symbolizes the nature of Buddha. It is pure and ascendant, and part of the most famous Buddhist mantras.

In tattoo art, this flower frequently goes in pair with the symbol of Om, or with an image of Buddha, or also a jewel. Its colors, as in nature, vary from white to pink and blue as well.

Here, this flower design can symbolize enlightenment, purity, perfection, and spirituality. For instance, the blue flower represents knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom. The purple one symbolizes homage to Buddhist deities when artists depict it in a cup or on a platter. Moreover, it expresses the mystic view of religion and spirituality.

The red lotus is the Heart Lotus, which symbolizes compassion, love, passion, and other heart emotions. The pink lotus is the lotus of Buddha, symbolizing the history of Buddhism, Buddha, and Buddhism’s tales. The white lotus is the symbol of both mental and spiritual enlightenment. Moreover, it symbolizes purity, pacification, and perfection of nature.

Just like we can see, the meaning of this flower itself is full of profound cultural and historical significance. The meaning of lotus tattoos may be personal as well. Wearing this symbol on your skin will imply that the traits associated with the flower also find their association with your personality. Lotus tattoos are a huge part of the incredible value of tattoo art, especially traditional tattoo arts.

Despite the excellent meanings of this tattoo design, research before you decide to get it. Artists that have advanced knowledge of the lotus and its meaning in tattoos may have the ability to make some suggestions too. Regardless, when it comes to tattoo symbolism and meaning, it would be best to inform yourself better.

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