Lips Tattoo Design: A Bit Of Passion With Artistic Appeal

Lips Tattoo Design: A Bit Of Passion With Artistic Appeal

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Lips are often used as an image to symbolize erogenous and intimate activity, particularly when depicted in a color or pattern related to passion. The lips will frequently look real as if someone has just kissed the owner at the same place the tattoo is put. Most often, these tattoos are inked on the neck, the shoulder, or the arm, but these are not the only places.

Red lips are generally meant to convey sex appeal and to kiss, particularly when placed in an intimate area like on the hips, neck, abdomen, etc. This is especially the case when lips are designed like a lipstick print mark, leaving the impression of a kiss. These can be very private tattoos so that the owners might keep them secret, or they might be very open about their meanings.

Red lips are used in this way due to their direct connection to erotic, sensual themes and the taboo nature of those themes. These designs, most often with an open mouth, are a symbol of counterculture in this way, disregarding the norm. If somebody wishes other people to know that they are rebellious, then the red lips color tattoo might just be the design they are searching for. They could also just want everyone to know that they are very sexual people and proud of it.

The image of lips does not always have a sexual connotation often tied to the mouth. Sometimes it can serve as a symbol of verbal discussion and communication. When depicted as a closed one, the image represents a lack of communication or an inability. Individuals who recognize that they have problems communicating with others might decide to get this tattoo motif to inspire them to be more open with others. The lips tattoo could also be a perfect choice for someone who prefers not to talk to others and gets this tattoo design to make that message come across to those who approach them.

The image of lips can also represent a relationship. The lips or lip print can be that of a wife, girlfriend, or any other loved one to symbolize that relationship. This tattoo art design serves as a romantic symbol demonstrating the bond that two people share, so in some cases, both people in the relationship might decide to get matching tattoos. Usually, this is an image of a non-platonic relationship, the symbol of lovers, but it’s not that strange for friends (especially female) to get lips tattoos.

Lips Tattoo Variations

Rocky Horror Lips Tattoo

Large, red lips are connected to the trendy film The Rocky Horror Picture Show that created a flashy counterculture in the late 1970s. Occasionally these tattoos might include just the lips, or there can also be Dr. Frank-N-Furter, who was portrayed by actor Tim Curry in the legendary film. These tattoos might not hold deep meanings, but they do hold important meaning to those who are fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rolling Stones Tattoo

Red lips with a tongue in pop culture are considered as an iconic representation of the rock band The Rolling Stones and have been used as their logo for thousands of years. Individuals who are fans of The Rolling Stones will often demonstrate their loyalty to the band by getting this tattoo. Though some people only like the band’s logo and will get it because they think the tattoo is perfect for them.

Gang Lips Tattoo

For a very long time, these tattoos have been popular with gang members. The obvious reason for that is because they accept the fact that due to their criminal activities, they are going to be in jail for some time, and they wish to have a reminder of their loved ones. If this is the reason for getting the tattoo, the lips will be the precise shape of their wife or girlfriends. Their loved ones will frequently kiss a piece of paper with lipstick on to give the tattoo artists something to work with.

Sealed Lips Tattoo

Sealed lips can be striking images. Owners of these kinds of tattoos are frequently protesting against something, so they want people to see the images. Occasionally the tattoo is just an image of sewn lips. At the same time, other people might want to either combine them with text or an image to show particularly what they are protesting against.Lips

Cracked Lips Tattoo

This tattoo design doesn’t only symbolize sensuality and sexuality. Still, they can also represent physical and neurological disorders if the lips are portrayed with a deep crack on the bottom lip of this tattoo, they might represent deep sorrow or misery. Just like in life, the lips tattoo can represent difficulties you are having in your life without admitting them.

The key to be certain that you get a perfect lip tattoo is by finding a tattoo artist that is an expert for the style that you’d like. If you are searching for bold outlines and colors, almost any tattoo artist can do a great job but don’t go to that kind of artist if you desire a realistic lip tattoo since they might not give you what you want. Just like with most realistic tattoos, the realistic lips tattoo is not an easy image to capture.

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