Tattoo Design: How To Decide What (and where) To Ink?

Tattoo Design: How To Decide What (and where) To Ink?

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The process of deciding what to get as a tattoo is probably the most challenging part. This is because, basically, there are a lot of things to consider and have in mind. Starting with the location of the tattoo to its size, design, and, of course, the artwork itself. So there is more than one decision to make. Because of how important these decisions can be, below are some things that can help you in the whole procedure of choosing a tattoo design.

Tattoo Location

The location is an essential part of the process because it can make a huge difference. This is why, while you’re thinking about how to choose a tattoo design that’s best for you, location can be a significant factor. The best locations for the design are those that won’t get a lot of sun exposure, won’t stretch as you grow older (or during pregnancy), and won’t continually be irritated by clothing. For instance, the hands often get a lot of sun exposure. Most people forget to apply sunscreen on their hands, especially if they’re just outside for only a few minutes.

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When it comes to your skin stretching, one of the trickiest locations can be your abdomen, especially if you get pregnant. Body parts like your underarms, feet, and inner thighs also get irritated by clothing all day so that tattoos may fade faster. According to the artists, the best body parts to get a tattoo are:

Calves, Collarbone, Inner forearm, Back, Outer thigh (but not the inside), Neck (just below the hairline).

I can’t say that I agree entirely with this online pole. Some of these places, as mentioned earlier, are really difficult to work on. The lower back and neck below the hairline are one of them. My list will be something like this: Shoulder, Forearm, Calves, Outer thigh, Upper back, Chest. I guess every artist has preferences about part of the body.

The location of the design is not the only thing that you need to figure out when you choose a tattoo. The size of the design is also an essential choice to make.

Size of the Tattoo

Even though this is one of the more straightforward decisions about choosing a tattoo design, it is still imperative. When deciding, ask yourself, do I want something small that can be covered up easily or something bold and immediately visible? A larger design can attract attention, start a conversation or share something important about you. However, the smaller design can be just as significant and be kept quite personal. Of course, here we got the subject of the details. If the design is simple, then it’s ok to be small or medium size, but on the other hand, if you choose a detailed motif, you’ll need to think about sizing it up. 

Suppose your job (or potential future jobs) does not allow a big, noticeable tattoo. In that case, a smaller, easily concealed motif can be the best alternative. With this being said, more and more employers accept tattoos.

Style of the tattoo

A whole variety of tattoo styles can play an important role when you’re questioning how to choose a proper design. In the modern world of tattoo art, there are so many unique styles to choose from to make the design of your dreams. Frequently, tattoo artists can do the same idea in multiple types and styles. You should also be aware of the noteworthy differences between the many styles and techniques. For example, the bold lines of a traditional American tattoo will be comprehensible over time, while watercolor can look fantastic but will fade more rapidly.

After you have an idea in mind for your tattoo, there are two ways you can find the best style for that design. Primarily, suppose you have an artist that is your favorite. In that case, you can ask them for their advice and ask them to show you a version of the design in their recommended style. Your artist may have a specialty. So if you definitely want them to do your tattoo, that can influence your decision.

The other thing that you can do is to look at the webpage of your beloved tattoo artists. There you can see if you can find a design or style that equals what you’re searching for. If you manage to discover a look you truly like, take it to your tattoo artist. You can also ask to see designs they’ve done in that style. You can also get a recommendation for an artist specializing in that style.

The Art of the Tattoo

It goes without saying that the art and content of the tattoo itself are critical. Everyone has a unique personality, and it’s impossible to say what is right for you. The best thing for you is to partner with a trusted artist that you can communicate with as you discuss and develop what you want your tattoo to be about. Whether the purpose of your tattoo is to commemorate something important in your life or just because you love the design, it’s advised to spend the time to get the art just right. Also, you can always get something that your artist has already done, and you will be confident of the result. Maybe even a minor modification of that design will work just fine for you.

The Meaning of the Tattoo

Last but not least, there’s the subject of the tattoo’s meaning and symbolism. It goes without saying that not every tattoo design is appropriate for every body part. The combination of substance, meaning, and placement is crucial. Let me put it this way: You can’t put a portrait of your passed grandpa on your breast or ass or groin, right? I mean, you can place the design wherever you please and desire because, in the end, it’s your tattoo, but I wouldn’t. Maybe my approach is old school, but I firmly believe that it’s the right way, and of course, everybody is free to disagree with me.

My opinion is that not every tattoo is for any part (spot) on your body. Keep the family dedicated to meaningful tattoos on reasonable and respectable body places and sexy tattoos on…Well ill let you decide on that.

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