Comma Tattoo Design: Meanings, Symbolism And Variations

Comma Tattoo Design: Meanings, Symbolism And Variations

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These days, punctuation tattoos are really popular when it comes to tattoos. The tattoo of a comma is just one of many people choose to get. The comma is often small so that tattoo artists can place it pretty much anywhere on the body. Also, it can hold many different meanings. Clearly, the comma motif can be part of a larger text tattoo, but the comma doesn’t maintain much sense in those cases.

Comma Tattoo Symbolism

One fascinating thing is that the comma tattoo meaning isn’t clear means all its own. This is because it adds to the mystery of its owner, which is sometimes the effect that they want to give off. This is the kind of tattoo that pretty much forces people to ask about, which is something that the owner might be going for. We can say that this is not one of those tattoos that people regret getting, even if the “mysterious” meaning wears off at some point.

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Grammatically speaking, commas separate two parts of a sentence. According to this, a comma tattoo could indicate that the owner was separated from someone or some other type of separation left a mark on their lives. Because most comma tattoos are smaller, tattoo artists can ink them inside of other tattoos. This way, the “separation” meaning will stay a bit more private for the owner.

The comma as a tattoo design can also suggest that the owner is an avid reader. Many people avoid huge tattoos, so the comma is ideal for them to get something discreet yet meaningful. This design might too tempt even book lovers who believed that they’d never get a tattoo to pass it up.

Similarly, the comma design could be there to reveal that the owner has a love for writing. It could be a perfect tattoo for novelists, songwriters, poets, or any other type of writer. For most of us, commas might be small punctuation marks. Still, they hold plenty of meaning for people who use them professionally.

The comma tattoo can also mean “waiting.” For example, it could imply that someone is waiting to do something important or for someone to come into their life. It could suggest “waiting” in a less meaningful way in that they are waiting to supplement more words around the comma tattoo. It’s one of those unusual tattoos that are meaningful even when it doesn’t have a meaning attached to it yet.

Comma Art Variations

Comma in Semicolon Tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is very popular, and the comma is also used in this design. These tattoos are exceptionally meaningful and have nothing to do with grammar. When someone struggles with melancholy, addiction, or some other form of mental illness, the semicolon tattoo is there as a reminder that they should not give up. The semicolon tattoo is there as an everyday reminder to keep moving forward and continue your life story. It might just be the push and bright side that you need.

Comma with Heart Tattoo

The comma with the heart tattoo has its meaning. It serves as a reminder to keep loving yourself through the hard times in life. Just like the comma, this tattoo design says, your story hasn’t ended yet. So, the message is simple from talking to those with this kind of tattoo. It is to remember to love yourself and not be hard on yourself. Sometimes you need that prompt to go easy on yourself because the world is already hard enough. You don’t need your negative vibes bringing you down as well.

Comma with Skull Tattoo

This is a kind of image that could be startling to some. However, sometimes people need the reminder of the road these negative thoughts are heading down. Not all of us do well with subtle reminders and happy thoughts. Occasionally, we need to scare ourselves a little, and there isn’t an image more connected with the dead than the skull. Not only does it work as a shaking reminder, but it looks pretty badass too. At the end of the day, we get tattoos because they look cool, which is no exception.

Comma with EKG Reading Tattoo

When you combine the comma with the EKG reading tattoo, you get another way of symbolizing the life ahead. The reading is of a heartbeat that hasn’t stopped yet, and if it’s up to the meaning in this tattoo, it isn’t going to end anytime soon. This tattoo looks very cool because simple lines can be some of the best-looking tattoos.

These were only some of the most popular meanings and designs of comma tattoos. Even though the comma might not be the most popular of all of the punctuation tattoos you can get, owners can attach plenty of significant meanings to their commas. It’s easy to combine this motif with almost any other design, small or big. Its size and simplicity is a game-changer because it can be hidden or visible as a part of a small tattoo or bigger project.

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