Queen Nefertiti Tattoo Design: History And Symbolism

Queen Nefertiti Tattoo Design: History And Symbolism

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Queen Nefertiti

Ancient Egypt came with some of the most vigorous female characters, and one of the most beloved has to be Queen Nefertiti. She was one of the most ravishing women in history and is a big inspiration for many as she represents many powerful traits. This is the motive why men and women still like tattooing Nefertiti art designs, as it gives them a feeling of dominance, strength, and beauty.

Queen Nefertiti
Known for being one of the most outstanding rulers in Egyptian history, Queen Nefertiti represents so many valuable things to so many people. The Nefertiti tattoo design is something that people get either when they want to honor the woman herself, honor Egypt, or some of the great things that she represented. If you are attracted to the Queen Nefertiti tattoo art, look at the article below, including reasons why people get these tattoo designs and some of the meanings attached to the designs.

Rhianna has a tattoo design of Queen Nefertiti on her ribs. This tattoo also inspired many of her fans to look into this tattoo and get it tattooed. If you want to achieve something unique and powerful as the Nefertiti tattoo, you must stick around and read more about it. Over here, you will come across the symbolism of the Nefertiti tattoo and a few tattoo ideas.

Many people see the Queen’s tattoo as one of the best symbols of femininity that they can get on their skin. After all, she was an authoritative leader of one of the world’s most powerful kingdoms at the time. Even if someone wants to use another meaning for their Nefertiti design, most people will think that it has little to do with being a great female dignitary.

Both men and women all over the globe get their Nefertiti tattoos to symbolize power. Again, she ruled an extremely powerful kingdom during her time, so there aren’t too many portraits that you can get that better illustrate power. There are many Queen Nefertiti designs to choose from. Using this meaning can help bring in more symbols of power to emphasize that meaning; that’s not necessary, but it can help people understand why you chose to get this tattoo.

Lastly, the Nefertiti tattoo also symbolizes devotion which is a unique characteristic represented through tattoo art. If you’re the character who gives their total dedication to doing a particular thing, then a Nefertiti design is the right tat to go for. This devotion also goes for your family or a partner. Nefertiti symbolizes passion and dedication, and she was entirely devoted to ruling Egypt and did her best.

Anyone looking for an interesting way to symbolize well-being may find the Queen Nefertiti design to be the perfect choice for a tattoo. This could mean that you are proud of your past successes or that one of your goals is to be prosperous so you can take care of yourself and your family.

Artists can also add the Queen Nefertiti tattoo to any design meant to respect one’s Egyptian ancestry. You will often see her included with pharaohs and pyramids when someone wants to show pride in their heritage. Some people even combine the old with the new by using more modern Egyptian images, Egypt’s flag, or antique Egyptian artifacts. Again, you don’t have to use any additional images to “explain” this meaning, but it helps to make your tattoo design clear.

The most common Nefertiti design is of one of her known busts, which can fit just nicely anywhere on the body. These images include her face, crown, and an ancient necklace on her neck. Some also decide to include wreaths of flowers around her bust or add additional design elements to her crown. All that matters is that she is recognizable, which means you’ll be using the few known paintings of her as your guidance.

There are many interesting ways to get creative with your Queen Nefertiti tattoo to ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind piece. For example, you can add additional images that represent femininity if that’s one of the meanings you want to incorporate, or you can even modernize her appearance to show that she is still relevant today. The thing to do is give her a unique facial expression to make the tattoo your own.

While the majority of Queen Nefertiti’s tattoos have a lot of detail in her face and her crown, you surely can get a more toned-down design if you need to. Even a simple black and grey design of her face can work. Don’t be worried about getting a detailed or complex Nefertiti design; instead, focus on getting an authentic representation and finding at least one or two meanings that work wonders for you.

Even though portrait tattoo designs can fit just about anywhere on the skin, most people use just a few places to make their Queen Nefertiti tattoos glow. Like most portrait tattoos, the Queen Nefertiti tattoo can look great on the arm or the leg, but tattoo artists can shrink it down to fit on any spot on the skin. The crown sometimes takes up at least half of the motif, so you’ll want to keep that in focus when choosing where to put it on your skin.

No matter what kind of Queen Nefertiti tattoo design you want to get, you really should find a top tattooist to do the tattoo job for you. Even if you decide on a more toned-down design, you will want a skilled artist who does great shading work to make it look fantastic on your body.

As you can see, the Queen Nefertiti tattoo is significant on top of being a beautiful tattoo to get. If you were eager to get a tattoo to honor your Egyptian roots, or find that she represents something fundamental to you, then definitely look into getting one of these very cool designs. It will undoubtedly grab some attention and that you will probably be honored to have on your skin. As long as you are patient during the design process and find a good tattoo artist to do the work, it would be best if you ended up very happy with your Queen Nefertiti tattoo.

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