Recovering Alcoholics With Meaningful Tattoo Designs

Recovering Alcoholics With Meaningful Tattoo Designs

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Alcoholics Tattoo

Tattoos come in different designs, shapes, and sizes, but there are some of them who have a deep meaning behind them that goes beyond just the style. Some of these tattoos are those that are used to stand for sobriety. Sobriety tattoos point to a vital moment in an individual’s life and can be influential and powerful symbols. Recovering alcoholics have a lot of meaningful stories behind their tattoo designs. These designs talk about tough and challenging times.

Alcoholic Recovery Tattoo Ideas

The process of recovering from drinking is a very personal one, and in several cases, your tattoo is as well. Several tattoos are considered as a universal representation of sobriety.

One Step at a Time

The recovery for alcoholics is not a sprint, but a whole marathon. It is a lifelong battle that is filled with a lot of ups and downs. Even though you sometimes fail in the process, you are still succeeding because you have made the life choice to live a sober life. The phrase ‘one step at a time’ is a perfect reminder for the owner of the tattoo that every step towards recovery is a step in the right course. This tattoo can be placed wherever you want it. Forearm or calf are good options but adding this to the foot adds irony and fun to the tattoo.Alcoholics


If you are willing to discuss your past because you are proud of your achievements to fight against alcoholism, recovering alcoholics can get a tattoo to mark the days, weeks, and years you stayed sober. This tattoo is a progressive one that will build as you move forward. In that sense, the tattoo can become very large or remain small. For instance, this could work in a discrete area like the inside of your wrist, where you can cover it, along your foot, or other relatively hidden areas. However, this tattoo can be turned into a full back piece using elements to honor your alcohol-free lifestyle.


If you want to memorize the precise date and time when you decided to fight alcoholism, a clock with a certain date can be a perfect reminder of when you made your brave decision. This tattoo can be done in various shapes and sizes. Since a clock with a time and date is quite discreet, you are free to make it a bigger tattoo. This allows you to get quite creative in the process of creating your sobriety piece and still end up with the best reminder of your choice for a different life. You can have this clock tattoo on the bicep, forearm, and even the calf.


Triangle is another tattoo design perfect for people fighting to stay sober. This is a symbol of an equilateral triangle that might incorporate a circle around it. This is the symbol that stands for Anonyms Alcoholics. This triangle is considered as their legacy, which includes unity, recovery, and service. The circle stands for the AA itself or the community that is there to support you through your journey. Due to how simple the logo is, its placement is diverse. You could choose to tattoo this on its own or a hidden symbol with a bigger piece or sleeve work. No matter what you want, this logo is there for you to remind you of your willpower and strength on the rough days.

Serenity Prayer

Another significant aspect of the process of recovery is the serenity prayer. These few words are the perfect reminder of the limitations and strengths of people fighting to stay sober. Recovery can be a time of disorder, sorrow, and even misery. This is the reason why these words remind the wearer of the final goal of serenity and a more stable life without alcohol. The words can also be related to AA and their 12-step program. Since the serenity prayer is large, you need some bigger space for this tattoo.

Wisdom, Courage, Serenity

If you still think that you are not fit and ready to commit yourself to the whole serenity prayer, you can focus on the most important parts like serenity, courage, and wisdom. On the alcoholics fighting alcoholism, this might be seen in the symbol of a triangle, surrounding a triangle, or even in an infinity symbol. This is helpful for people’s commitment to sobriety through the 12-step program and AA through one design. It also serves as a reminder for an individual to find the calm through the chaos. This is a perfect tattoo that wants a smaller tattoo. Due to the importance of the piece, it will typically be found in an area visible for other people. These places are the forearm, inside of the wrist, back, or side of the chest.

In the same way as the sobriety coins that AA give to people that have chosen to fight their addiction to alcohol to help them in the process, a recovering alcoholic tattoo serves as an everlasting reminder of the most vital choice in a person’s life: the decision to live a sober life.

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