Seashells As A Part Of The Sea And Tattoo World

Seashells As A Part Of The Sea And Tattoo World

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A sea is a fantastic place, and the aquatic animals are indeed the wonders of evolution. Out of all these water creatures, mollusks and seashells are among the most unique and stunning. While walking on the beach, everyone likes to pick these magnificent sea creatures called seashells to either observe them or collect them. The seashells have a fantastic way of survival, and each year of their life adds a new crest on their shell.

They are also known for their individuality since no two seashells have theBeach same design. Many people like to get these designs inked on them for several reasons. Some of them, because it reminds them of the sea, some as a memory, while others as a simple style quotient. No matter what are your reasons, seashell tattoos look very attractive and trendy.

Symbolism and meaning of the seashell as a tattoo:

One of the main reasons why people decide to get seashell tattoos is probably because they want to express their love for the sea. What’s great about this meaning is that you really don’t have to add in any other elements for people to understand what it means. Seashells have an odd way of making us feel a bit happier when we see them, and that’s because most people really like to be out on the water.

At the same time, anyone who loves being at the beach, enjoying rays and the ocean, might be a great candidate for a seashell tattoo. Seashells are often included in larger beach tattoos, but they also work on their own. If you are someone who has a lot of great memories of being out on the beach with friends and family, then this could be an excellent tattoo for you.

There are hundreds of different tattoos that you can get to symbolize love, but the seashell tattoo is a perfect way to get a unique design that represents that meaning. Some people choose to get their seashell tattoo designed in a heart shape to make the meaning a bit clearer, while others like that there is a bit of mystery to the shells and will keep the “love” meaning to themselves.

Seashell tattoos are also a unique way to symbolize protection, since these shells are used to protect the animals they’re attached to, so it is significant meaning for them. This is a great way to show that you are the pride of protecting those around you. You can also get a seashell tattoo as a symbolic way to show that you need protection from the negative forces around you.

Another interesting meaning that you can use with a seashell tattoo is prosperity. In the past, seashells were actually used as currency all over the world, so they are great symbols of success. If one of your big goals is to be as wealthy as you possibly can be, the seashell is a great little symbol that you can get to remind yourself of that goal continually.

Ideas for a seashell tattoo design:

There are millions of designs and colors that seashell tattoos can come in. This is due to the fact that there is a wide variety of shapes and sizes in seashells, along with many color sequences. Each and every design has its own meaning or significance.

  • Starfish and Seashell:
    These are very popular designs and are preferred by both men and women. If you want to combine them to make one design, like a starfish along with a seashell, it looks beautiful in variegated colors. Getting a black ink tattoo for this design would look good too, but only if the size of these designs is small. Starfish tattoos are very artistic design, and you can accompany it with a scallop shell. Scallops are used for inking as they are very prominent, and look good when colored, as well as in black.
  • Pilgrimage Seashell:
    This shell is large and is similar to a scallop shell, but has vertical lines over the horizontal ones. These are unique and look attractive when made into large designs. A shaded black pilgrimage shell on the arm, neck, or even the lower back seems very trendy when it is singular. When this design is made, try not to combine it with any other, as the individuality of the design is lost. Pilgrimage seashells can be made into tribal designs, as in the old days, they were drawn by many tribal people for different reasons.
  • Nautilus Seashell:
    Another seashell that is very often used in body art designs is the nautilus. The peculiarity of this shell is that it, too, has a unique shape and has variable sizes to choose from. These tattoos can be made in an artistic fashion or in a geometric manner where the shape of the shell is symmetrical. A chambered nautilus is also a great design. These tattoo designs can be small and drawn in tiny areas like the wrist, feet, ankle, etc. The black ink tattoos look much better than the colored ones when the designs are small. The Celtic style of drawing can be used to make this design look more attractive for the men.
  • Conch Seashell:
    Conches are those large-sized seashells that generally get washed onto the beach. They are very rare, and are often found in the sea beds, but never on the beach. They belong to a species of snails, and thus are large and vertical in shapes. Because of their uniqueness, many people like to opt for conch seashell tattoos. They look magical when they are made on the back, and the tattoo artist can do a lot over this design.

All the designs mentioned above can always be combined with your names and other scripts as they look very authentic and classy with text.

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