Snowflakes As A Winter Scenery Trough Tattoo Art Design

Snowflakes As A Winter Scenery Trough Tattoo Art Design

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During wintertime, the weather can be cold and snowy. However, no one can deny the beauty of the snow or the little snowflakes that make up the white blanket that covers the ground. When we think of snow, it takes up back to when we were children building snowmen and throwing snowballs at our friends, or it might even remind us of holding hands with our partner, seeing our breath, and holding on to each other so stay warm. The real beauty of the snow isn’t just in its sparkle and white color, Snowflakesbut the individual snowflakes that make up the snow. It’s their beauty and symbolism that make them such a popular subject for tattooing.

What is Snowflake?

Each snowflake that falls is different from the next, and so they can be designed in countless ways. Snowflakes are intricate and delicate, often rendered in white, light hues of blue, purple, or pink, or done in simple contour lines or an outline. Many snowflakes placed together, often miniature, give the appearance of snow falling from the sky, but a single snowflake can also appear on its own. Regardless, snowflakes are a representation of individualism.

Multiple snowflakes, each differing in appearance and design, emphasize the symbol of uniqueness. Various colors and thicknesses can be used as well. Snowflakes placed in a linear or circular form are sometimes designed in graduating order, where the first snowflake is very simple, and the following snowflakes become more specific in detail. This graduation is a representation of development and growth with the addition of a winter theme.

Snowflake Tattoo Meaning

Some of the most beautiful thing about snowflakes is their enigmatic formations process and mesmerizing silhouettes. This has made the symbols of purity, the center of legends, and the basis of many sayings that cross many cultures. One of the main ideas that snowflakes symbolize is uniqueness. It is said that there are no two snowflakes alike. It’s such a widespread opinion that scientists and researchers have spent countless hours trying to prove or disprove this theory. This means that people that wear the snowflake tattoo are wearing a representation of their unique persona. Just as every other snowflake is said to be unique, so are we.

We all start as infants that have similar personalities and look. As we grow, we have new experience and weather proverbial storms that end up shaping the kind of person we are. It is a beautiful symbol to wear proudly in the form of a tattoo. They are also found as a perfect symbol of life for those that follow the Zen philosophy. Also, there is a Zen proverb that states that no snowflake ever falls in the wrong place. This means the snowflake tattoo represents us being right where we are supposed to be at the right time. This proverb explains a Buddhist and Taoist fundamental principle in that everything is perfect. There is no right or wrong, good or evil, just perfect. This means there is no such thing as a coincidence in either life or nature.

In Christianity, the snowflake symbolizes some similar ideas. It is said that every single snowflake that falls on the ground is a picture of the birth of the Savior because they come from above and remind us of the love and care that God has for us. Each snowflake is one of a kind and represents our uniqueness to Jesus Christ. He knows everyone, and not one person is the same as the next. Also, just as snowflakes cover the earth and cover what is unsightly with a beautiful white blanket, it is said that Christ covers our sins and allows us his grace when we accept him. The snowflake tattoo may also represent the fragility of life since they are here one second and melt away quickly, and it represents the time we have. People with a snowflake tattoo might be the same people who value life and take advantage of every moment.

An obvious symbolism of the snowflake is the holidays. It might remind one person of Christmas and the birth of Christ. It might tell someone else about the Jewish celebration of Hanukah. The snowflake might also represent rebirth and renewal. The vegetation dies when the snow is here, and when it melts, it turns to water, which represents new beginnings and nourishment for the life that will be growing in the near future.

Snowflake Tattoo Placement

A snowflake on its own can be a tiny tattoo, often placed in a small area like fingers, inside of the wrist, or behind the ear. When designed larger, the snowflake can be made thicker and serve as an outline in which other images can be placed as a filler. A large snowflake can be part of the winter scenes like snow-covered trees or any other desired image such as flowers. Swirls of line work, generally rendered in cool tones of blue or purple, often accompany the snowflake to add detail and create a fuller design for larger pieces. Negative space works well with the design of the snowflake. Dots or lines, or tiny snowflakes, can serve as the background while a larger snowflake image is left out of the foreground to create an intricate design.

Snowflake Tattoo Designs

Some designs differ in the styles, the placement, colors, and the other objects tattooed with the snowflake. Here are some examples of the ways people get the snowflake tattooed:

Watercolor Snowflake Tattoo

Same as the snowflake, the watercolor style of tattooing is beautiful and unique. There are no limitations when tattooing in the watercolor styles so that each watercolor tattoo might be unique, like each snowflake. In addition to having a whimsical look about it, they fit very well together.

Floral Snowflake Tattoo

In a few cases, we have seen a flower being placed at the center of a snowflake, which can represent many traits depending on what flower you choose. This is a fun and unique spin on the already creative snowflake image.

If you decide to get your snowflake tattoo, make sure you take your time in the research process. Find an artist that you feel comfortable with and will sit down with you and discuss your goals of the tattoo you will be getting.


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