Why Is The Winter Season The Best One for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Why Is The Winter Season The Best One for Laser Tattoo Removal?

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These days, the temperatures are dropping significantly, but we have some sunny news for you here. With the year 2019 being around the corner, a lot of people are excited to start it with a new look by updating their existing tattoo, or even getting rid of unwanted ink. Here, we will list several reasons why the fall season, as well as the winter season, is the best time to begin your laser tattoo removal treatment.

  1. You will not have to think twice about covering your treated skin.Laser

While you are putting a lot of clothes during the winter season, as it is quite colder, you will naturally make it easier to cover or hide your tattoos while they are in the process of laser treatment. Typically, it is recommended to keep the treated area bandaged with sterile gauze for about three days after the treatment. However, if you are not thrilled about an unsightly gauze bandage throwing off your outfit, you should never be afraid – it will probably be covered with your favorite cozy sweater and cold-weather gear too.

  1. Following the aftercare plan is going to be much easier.

One of the biggest elements of an aftercare plan is to avoid sun exposure. Even though we often hate to see the sun disappear more frequently during the winter, it will make following our aftercare plan a lot easier. It is also best recommended to protect the treated area with sunscreen for us to three months after the treatment.

  1. Your treatment will be completed when the summer comes.

The length of the laser tattoo removal treatment programs is going to vary by patient, based on the type of ink, the size of the tattoo, the placement of the tattoo, the type of the skin, and so on. But, a lot of patients can also achieve complete tattoo removal after 3 to 7 treatments. This means that you can soak up some rays and show off your new look by the time when the summer season arrives.

  1. You can make a big deal out of your finished look as a result of that.

When we are speaking of showing off, you can have a more exciting reveal if you take advantage of this treatment period. It is quite important to keep in mind that laser tattoo removal is not a one-time treatment, and your ink is going to appear different between treatments, as it is fading away. Because you are going to keep your tattoo covered during the colder months, you are going to avoid annoying questioning and get to be as dramatic as you would like when you reveal your new look.

  1. There is no swimming during the winter season.

All activities which are related to water, such as swimming and surfing, have to be avoided after laser tattoo removal treatment. Even if it is covered, your tattoo is vulnerable to bacteria, as well as some other irritants that can cause infections and scarring.

If you have a summer vacation on your mind, it is not a good time to plan for laser tattoo removal. Instead, you should wait until the winter when you are much less likely to be going for a dip.

  1. No need for waxing and shaving.

While the treated area is healing, you cannot shave, wax, or pluck hair growth, so winter is an excellent time for this. These hair removal methods can open up scabs, as well as lead to unpleasant blisters. If your tattoo is located on a frequently shaved area, you should wait until winter to start your laser treatments.

During the winter season, people are generally less concerned about having super smooth legs, chests, or bikini lines. You can keep parts of your body covered without being the weird person in jeans on a hot summer day.

  • How does laser tattoo removal work?

Over time, the immunity of the body is going to destroy the ink from tattoos as it seeks the ink as a foreign invader. The tattoo ink is eliminated from the body through sweat and waste, eventually leading to fading or distortion. When that occurs, you can have your tattoo retouched, covered up, or even removed completely.

Tattoo ink is injected into the dermis layer of the skin, which is just below the epidermis. During the process of laser tattoo removal, special lasers target ink pigment and speed up the healing process in which the immunity was already performing.

Then, the tattoo is going to keep fading even after the treatments have stopped, and it is going to fade faster through exercise and not smoking. A lot of people compare the pain of laser tattoo removal to the pain of initially receiving the tattoo.

Because of everything that we mentioned above, winter is the best time of the year to undergo a lot of beauty and skin treatments, and one of them is laser tattoo removal too.

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