The Bluebird: Reminder Of Happiness And Joy That Is To Come

The Bluebird: Reminder Of Happiness And Joy That Is To Come

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The Bluebird, just like the swallow with which it is usually connected, is one of the favorite nautical symbols of good luck in the tattoo art. As a nautical tattoo design, this bird was mistaken within popular culture for the swallow or the swift sometimes, and these two very different species of birds have quite a similar coloring.

In mythology, the Bluebird is the universally acknowledged sign of happiness, prosperity, as well as good health and the arrival of spring. The beautiful blue of its plumage is connected with the sky, as well as with eternal happiness. Also, they do not have a dark side.Bluebird

The meaning of a bluebird as the bearer of happiness is found in many different cultures, and it goes back thousands of years. They serve as a reminder of happiness and joy, which is about to come. The spiritual significance of this bird is usually connected to the spreading of joy and happiness. The meaning of this motif reminds us to give up to the beauty of nature which is surrounding you and set yourself free.

Even though sailor tattoos are legendary and call to mind some stereotypical images, this beautiful creature is not often among them. In past years, when a sailor had traveled 5,000 miles at sea, he got a bluebird on his chest. When he had gone 10,000, he got a second on the other side. So, a pair of these birds together is a sign of the well-traveled sailor. There are no records in the history of why she was used to memorializing these sailing milestones. But, what we know is that the Bluebird has sometimes been thought of as a spiritual messenger and associated with happiness.

In magical symbolism, the Bluebird represents confidence and happy love. According to one Native American tribe, the firstborn son of the Sun was called Bluebird. Another myth also hails this swallow look-a-like as the spirit connected with the rising Sun. In Russian fairy tales, she is a symbol of hope. A dead bluebird is connected with the loss of innocence and disillusionment.

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