Three Dots Tattoo Design: Symbolism And Religious Connotation

Three Dots Tattoo Design: Symbolism And Religious Connotation

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Three Dots

If you are intrigued by the tattoo design that includes the three dots in a triangular form, you must know the meanings before you get this tattoo. Even though it is true that this is a basic tattoo design that will take minutes in the tattoo artist’s chair, the permanent reminder left behind may haunt you for years if you go in without being informed about all the possible meanings behind this unique design. Unless you plan on being imprisoned for a few years, first take the time to research everything about the deep gang associations with this tattoo design.

The symbolism of the Three Dots Tattoo 

In every part of the world, Hobos used graphical symbols for leaving messages for one another. These messages were often having to do with the potential for good begging in the vicinity. The symbol that incorporates the three dots is arranged triangularly and tattooed on the skin somewhere between the forefingers. The thumb is recognized as hobo dots in Sweden and has a defensive significance. The three hobo dots are famous for being the symbol of faith, hope, and love. In more recent times, it is a tattoo linked with Latino gang membership in the United States. 

If you want to understand better what the three-dot tattoo stands for, you only need to have a conversation with anyone currently locked in jail. For the prisoners, this tattoo design symbolically represents their crazy life or la Vida Loca. 

Although there is no direct association with one gang, prisoners and gangs alike understand the universal meanings linked to these three dots. It says that you are a person who has chosen to live life on the edge, being too crazy, and everything gangs thrive off of. Those people who decide to get the three dots for their tattoo are not afraid to reveal to the world they have chosen the life they lead, regardless of whether the outside world agrees or not. 

The Placement of the Three Dots  

The meaning behind the three-dot tattoo does not adjust or is modified by the body’s place that you choose to place the tattoo. Most gang members or prisoners choose a location on the visible body because they want to wear it like a badge of honor. 

There as some places that are very popular for this tattoo. Among the most common places to get the three dots inked on the body are around the eyes with a triangular pattern. The hands are also commonplace. When two people meet each other, they can immediately connect the person with the lifestyle without any doubts. 

The Religious Connotations of the Three Dots Design 

As hard as it may be to believe, the three dots tattoo is not only linked to the gang lifestyle. This is because it also holds a very religious meaning. The number three has a significant meaning in the Christian religion since it represents a holy trinity symbol. 

The three dots are a representation of the father, son, and Holy Spirit, which is another way to intensify the gang references while bringing religion into the combo. A lot of people manage to find a connection with God behind bars. This means that even though they may have gotten the tattoo to represent a crazy life, it can also symbolize and connect with a higher power. 

The Five Dots Tattoo  

Probably, one of the confusing aspects of the three-dot tattoo is mainly the resemblance to the five-dot tattoo. It is highly essential to comprehend that these two tattoos have nothing in common at all. The tattoo design of five dots stands for the time a person has served in prison. 

The four dots commonly referred to as the quincunx, are a symbol of the prison walls, whereas the fifth dot is a symbol of the prisoner locked inside. These dots are typically inked on the inmate’s hand, right between the thumb and their forefinger. 

Even though the three-dot tattoos have a deep connection with prisoner life, they have other associations. The three dots set can also be used in the triangle shape in mathematical proofs. Therefore, they can serve as a sign or can be placed in front of a logical consequence. Moreover, the three dots can be a symbol of Masonic or alchemical balance. This tattoo design can be misunderstood very quickly, so you need to choose carefully. 


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