Tinkerbell Tattoo Design: From Movies To The Skin

Tinkerbell Tattoo Design: From Movies To The Skin

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Tinkerbell is the fictional fairy from Peter Pan, created as a play by J.M. Barrie in 1904. At first, this little fairy was only that, a common fairy, in her role in Peter Pan. However, due to her popularity, she ended up being the unofficial mascot of Walt Disney. Later she even had her film series. Tinkerbell was so famous that Hollywood star Julia Roberts played the character in Steven Spielberg’s version of the Peter Pan story called Hook.

Still, we all know Tinkerbell from watching the movies. This includes the original Disney film from 1953 and other renditions of the franchise. Her ventures with Peter and the Lost Boys facing Captain Hook and his band of pirates are the favorite memories. These memories take us back to happy days when we didn’t have the responsibilities we carry today. Tinkerbell’s popularity is the reason that so many tattoo enthusiasts have the Tinkerbell tattoo on their bodies.

  • History of Tinkerbell

In the original Walt Disney Peter Pan film from 1953, Tinkerbell was a tiny blonde-haired woman dressed in all green and unable to speak. Peter interpreted her communication while she made gestures that sounded like little bells when she moved.

After that film, Tinkerbell has become one of the iconic Walt Disney images. Together with Jiminy Cricket and Mickey Mouse, there isn’t another Disney character that is more recognized. You might identify her from most of the opening scenes of any Disney movie.

Long after, Tinkerbell has evolved into a sassy little fairy that is also stubborn, hot-tempered, and lively. She was not happy when meeting Wendy (Peter’s love interest) and has openly shown her irritation and disgust. A lot of people thought that this was because Tinkerbell loved Peter Pan and was jealous of Wendy. But, Margaret Kerry (the model for Tinkerbell in the 1953 movie) said that Tinkerbell was more of a follower to Peter than anything else. She loved to go on the ventures that Peter went on and feared Peter would fall in love and stop taking her with him and replace her with Wendy.

  • Tinkerbell Tattoo Meanings

Tinkerbell has had a considerable impact on society and the fan base around the Peter Pan movies. The story has led to many Tinkerbell tattoos over the years, and each one means something unique to the person wearing it.

  • Free Spirit

Tinkerbell’s flight through the sky was with no limits. Going on ventures and fighting, the pirates would love to ruin all the fun Tinkerbell, Peter, and the Lost Boys have. The act of flying also represents the free spirit. Tinkerbell is unrestrained by the laws of nature and gravity and was a self-governing woman. Her character and personality let us all overlook the serious nature of life and, for a short time, permitted us to go to Neverland with the gang. She is the symbol of the free spirit in all of us.

  • Femininity

Generally speaking, fairies are a symbol of femininity. The Tinkerbell tattoo will symbolize the feminine, and whether a man or a woman has this tattoo, they may want to state their feminine side. Tinkerbell’s femininity and power are qualities most women look up to.

  • Youthfulness

The Tinkerbell tattoo is also a symbol of youthfulness. This is evident in so many ways. Firstly, Peter Pan is a children’s’ story that most people have seen or heard of at some point in their lives. The pleasant place called Neverland is where Peter, Tinkerbell, and the Lost Boys lived and a place where one never grows up. We all attempt to achieve that feeling in our lives. Life tends to be rough at times and can bring even the strongest people to their knees. The Tinkerbell design is a constant reminder of our youth and how to keep our “child” side forever. Life is already hard, so we must remind ourselves to have fun and treasure those childlike moments. We will all be in a healthier place when we reach the ends of our lives.

  • Mythology

According to some myths, fairies are deities or fallen angels that reside on this earth. If we look at them in this manner, we can presume the fairy to be symbolic of the gods’ ancient and lost world. This world is a place where magic and wonder existed. The fairy’s wings are often portrayed in a very detailed fashion having characteristics of both butterfly and angel wings. The colors can be bright and bold with giant wings or very fine and delicate with soft colors.

In the old mythology, fairies have an influence on nature and have the capacity to enhance evolution and growth. This is the reason why so many fairy tattoos are based in a natural setting. You can combine a Tinkerbell tattoo with flowers, vines, or other natural enhancements. Actually, in all the stories featuring Tinkerbell, you will see that she lives in the forest or specifically, in a tree.

If you choose to get a Tinkerbell tattoo, you must make sure that it is meaningful. You need to find an artist that can complete your vision and design a tattoo that you will forever cherish.


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