Walrus Tattoo Design Meanings, Variations And Symbolism

Walrus Tattoo Design Meanings, Variations And Symbolism

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There is a small percentage of people who decide to get the Walrus as their animal tattoo. This is very strange because this is an animal that has a lot of features and traits that make them very adorable and cute. If you are interested in finding a spirit animal, the Walrus is not the one that first comes to mind, but it is one that you should think about.

Walrus Tattoo Meanings

This mammal is a lovable and large creature that inhabitants the Arctic Ocean and the North Pole. These giant sea mammals are very easy to identify due to their huge tusks that can grow up to a meter.

For a very long time, these creatures have been part of human culture and civilization. Those civilizations that lived in the northern parts of the world used these animals for meat, fur, and ivory, and they are still using it even today. For centuries, the walrus symbolism has stayed almost untouched, so when you get your walrus tattoo, you will know exactly what it represents.

The first trait of this big animal that many relate to when getting a tattoo is their peaceful nature. These large mammals rarely attack other animals or people, and if they did attack, there has to be a good reason. In the case when there is a walrus with her offspring or another animal is challenging for their territory, you might come across an angry animal. Besides these circumstances, this is one of the calmer mammals in the animal kingdom, and therefore, the walrus tattoo is symbolic of that serenity.

An additional meaning behind this tattoo is the defensive nature when it comes to their offspring. Now, this is quite widespread with many animals, and the Walrus is no exception to the rule. If someone wanted to have an animal that represented this characteristic tattooed on their body, this tattoo design is a perfect choice.

These animals are also very territorial. As previously said, the only other reason a walrus might attack you outside of intimidating their offspring would be to violate their territory. They usually stay around an area that they’ve chosen to be their home, and if a stranger comes into the territory, they better be prepared for a fight.

Other meanings behind the walrus tattoo incorporate social behavior, care, serenity, love, and the nature of being obedient. They can be considered tender giants and are well known for being social, so not only can the Walrus be imposing, but it can also be amusing and friendly.

 Walrus Tattoo Variations

I Am the Walrus Tattoo

The idea of this tattoo design comes from the song called I Am the Walrus that was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney on the Magical Mystery Tour album. This tattoo can be represented in some song lyrics or some sort of Walrus, but most often, you’ll see this tattoo on a huge fan of the Beatles. The song is represented as a wild trip throughout the mind of John Lennon. People have tried to understand this song for a very long time, but this might just be an art piece made to give you fits if you try to figure out what it is about.

Wally Walrus Tattoo

The Wally Walrus Tattoo is a tattoo portraying the animated cartoon character known as Wally Walrus that appeared in a lot of movies, and Walter Lantz Productions produced it during the 1940s and ’50s. He is an anthropomorphic animal that speaks with a Swedish accent and effortlessly angered a bit of a nitwit. Most often, he was regarded as the enemy of Woody Woodpecker in the animated series.Walrus

The Walrus and the Carpenter

The Walrus and the Carpenter are recognized as two characters from the movie Alice in Wonderland by Disney in 1951. It was initially made for Lewis Carroll’s book called Through the Looking Glass. They were part of the story Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum as a story told to Alice. The Walrus and the carpenter were two jobless travelers. This animal is the head of the two and uses his humor and stealing to get what he desires. If you love this show, then you are an excellent candidate for this tattoo.

Realistic Tattoo Design

Another possible design features realistic Walrus. When tattooed by an artist who already has experience in realism tattooing, this tattoo design looks amazing and captures the features that we had previously mentioned.

Even though people tend to consider these animals as just big lumbering sacks of fat but these sea mammals can move, and they large tusks that can do some real harm. This is why lots of people have chosen the Walrus for their tattoo. Those who own this tattoo value this animal and recognize all the great symbolism behind the image.


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