Compass Tattoo, The Symbolism Of Protection, Journey, Adventure

Compass Tattoo, The Symbolism Of Protection, Journey, Adventure

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If you are a person that wanders forever, a compass is always going to guide you where you have to go. Compass tattoos look excellent with their round shape and etched bearings, and they are going to remind the one that wears the tattoo that he or she is never lost, always simply on a journey to someplace. Compass is a quite vital instrument that any traveler would need at a time of traveling, making it one of the most common tattoos.

  • Facts about compasses and compass tattoos.Compass

These tattoo designs are increasingly growing in popularity, and they have a place where you can sample some of the best compass tattoo design ideas that can be quite helpful for tattoo lovers.

Compasses are often portrayed in tattoo art as they are in classic map art, with the use of the ‘compass rose,’ the circle with different triangular points, evenly spaced, and radiating outward from the center, with the longest one being at the cardinal directions of north, south, east and west.

Occasionally, this artwork hearkens back to more ornately designed antique maps with mythic sea creatures, as well as gods surrounding it. In all cases, their symbolism is that of the circle, but with the added specific meaning of direction-finding. Compasses are also symbolic of adventure or journey; the compass can also take on the more psychological aspects of guidance, as well as the capacity to receive it or give it.

These tattoo designs are often common amongst nautical lovers, fishers, as well as military personnel. Such themed tattoos come in several styled like nautical star compass, rose, and prismatic compass.

One interesting thing is that the first sailors to get compass tattoos were the Spanish conquistadors. It is also believed that Celts, together with some people of European origin, utilized these designs in the early centuries.

Compasses tattoos can be worn by both women and men, and they also carry profound meanings that the wearer should be aware of before declining on the type of design to wear. There are some tattoo designs that look quite artistically design, and they can be a huge inspiration, depending on the meaning which is connected with it.

The meaning and symbolism vary, and it was used in different cultures for a lot of centuries. Sailors often connected the compass tattoo as a symbol that could get them through the rough waters, so wearing the tattoo has been taken as a sign of protection.

Sailors also had their favorite compass tattoo design images painted on the ships and on their bodies, which, in general, meant that it was highly esteemed. This same meaning of protection can also be connected with the tattoo designs, and wearing the tattoo can be seen as a sign of protection from some kind of evil.

It was also believed that having this kind of tattoo is going to protect the wearer when he or she traveled over rough waters and ensured that they had returned home in one piece. This tattoo design was also rendered on the ship to ensure security and security. Being such, there are a lot of family members of naval officers, as well as fishers that are also going to wear either tattoos or jewelry charms of a compass to support their loved ones and wish them a safe journey.

The place on which the tattoo is worn is a factor that should be considered particularly about the meaning which the tattoo is connected with. There are some awesome compass tattoo designs that people can choose from.

Compass tattoos were also connected with the meaning of following after your dreams or staying on course with your purpose. Some compass tattoo designs can contain the globe in them too. Plus, stars are also connected with the compass, and this could be implanted in the motif. Also, since the compass is quite an important instrument for marine travel, it can be drawn in conjunction with the anchor that is also part of sea travels.

The meanings that you are going to connect with your tattoo designs should actually be something that you will feel quite comfortable with and can easily identify with. But, if you do not have any profound association with the meaning, then you are more likely to be distracted by some other design.

Even though compass tattoos were for the main part used by sailors, explorers or travelers, as well as adventurers as a way of gaining insight on direction, and even guidance, wearing the tattoo still carry a more profound meaning as people are always seeking for some new ideas or even new ways of doing things. So, a lot of tattoo lovers connect their sense of seeking for direction with the tattoo.

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