Fly Tattoo Design With Many Variations And Meanings

Fly Tattoo Design With Many Variations And Meanings

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Fly Tattoo

In the process of choosing what to get tattooed on the body, most people imagine some beautiful things. We can use our imagination while looking at the sky. We look around things that surround us like trees, flowers, and animals, all of which can be beautiful and make you feel nice. We might even consider some insects as there might be some cool ones. However, when you think about something beautiful, most of us don’t think of the fly tattoo even though it has a significant impact on our world in so many ways. No matter whether your choice for a tattoo would be a fly or not, lots of people choose to get them, and they have a good reason for that.

Fly Tattoo Meaning

It is a common belief that whenever a fly comes into your life, it may be a warning for something. In other words, the presence of the fly means that you are wasting your time on something that is neither worth nor good for you, or you are wasting too much time with someone that has a negative influence on you.Fly Tattoo

When we talk about the fly as a tattoo design, the meaning depends on the owner and how he looks at things. Even though most of us think that a fly has a negative connotation, this is far from true. This motif can be used as a symbol of business expertise, religious affiliation, determination, demonstration of negative sides of the personality, and a general interest in insects.

The fly can also be used to represent different traits when used as an animal totem. The fly stands for the ability to multiply your ventures, prosperity, and endeavors and a fast rate. This means that you may be quick to act on an opportunity no matter how difficult it seems at the beginning. The fly totem or tattoo might symbolize the strength and determination to get something that you want. It also means that you are resourceful as a person. You might need to occasionally remind yourself that you should balance modesty with self-importance that you are aware of. You also can see the beauty in things when no one else can.

The fly as an animal totem has some other additional qualities that are mentioned below:

  • • Recycling
    • Adjustment
    • Vision
    • Endurance
    • Determination
    • Alteration
    • Environment

It is imperative to know that it is entirely up to you what your fly design means at the end. Nobody can tell you what the tattoo means, and if you decide to take something entirely different out of the tattoo, that’s ok too.

Fly Tattoo Variations

Just like with most tattoos, there are millions of ways in which you can get fly art design. The number is probably doubled since there are so many ways you in which you can depict the fly in your tattoo. However, the designs mentioned in this post are only some of the most common versions of the fly tattoo.

Basic Fly Tattoo

When it comes to this tattoo, most people usually choose the basic fly for their design. The fly in this design has a very realistic look. No matter how simple it might look, it is just as efficient when sending a message. You can place this tattoo almost anywhere on the body.  It can also be tattooed in the same size as a real fly or made to fit an entire chest or back.

Fly as Food Tattoo

This tattoo that represents the fly as food usually futures a frog eating a fly. This design can serve as a representation of what the fly has to do for nature, feeding other animals. One of the many purposes of the fly is to nourish many species of animals.

Fly Bursting Out of Skin Tattoo

There is even one design that is perfect for those who are fans of horror. This design proves that flies can sometimes be related to blood and guts, as you will see them around rotting carcasses. This creates those tattoo designs where it appears as if flies are feeding on an injury or are bursting out of one. This image would be filthy if it weren’t such a cool idea for a tattoo.

With everything being said, we can say that this tattoo design is something fun to have since there are lots of meanings that can be associated with it. The choice of what you are going to represent with your fly design depends only on your wish. Before you decide to ink yourself with a fly tattoo permanently, research all the possible meanings and looks of this tattoo and find the one that best fits with what you are searching for in a tattoo. It’s better to research or ask twice than to remove or cover up your new tattoo project, so “think before you ink.”


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