Heartbeat Line Tattoo Design Meaning And Symbolism

Heartbeat Line Tattoo Design Meaning And Symbolism

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The rigid and zigzagging horizontal line of a heartbeat, which comes from the visual representation found on a heart monitoring machine, is very often used as an expression of love for self or others. This design, which is also recognized as an EKG or electrocardiogram, is sparked by the idea that love is born in the heart and grows with each heartbeat. The jumping of the line of the pulse up and down with each beat creates the peaks and valleys that have been made to symbolize dedication and affection. The linear pattern of the design is simple line work that can either be part of other tattoo designs or exist on its own, still serving as a potent symbol of life and love. The motif also serves as a showcase of devotion to music, art, or one’s faith or simply hope.

Very often, the heartbeat line is designed with a heart shape introduced in between the ups and downs and incorporates well into the image because it has its rounded peaks. This blend into the heartbeat and, at the same time, adds contrast to the design because of the rounded shape. The script can be added as well to indicate precisely what is held close to the individual’s heart. Other imagery, such as crosses, stars, wings, music notes, paw prints, or any different small and simple shape, is added additionally or instead to provide further clarity. This design often serves as a tribute to a loved one or memorial for a loved one who has passed on. In this case, dates and/or names are included.

Many people look at the heartbeat tattoo as a symbol of renewed life. HeartbeatThe reason behind it is that if the heart is still beating, you have a chance to change your path, and this is a chance to start over. This line can symbolize power, strength, endurance, love, passion, and the ability to keep moving forward when everything in the world is holding you back.

The heartbeat tattoo can also symbolize the passing of time and the running out for some. This being said, the heartbeat tattoo serves as a reminder to live life while you still can. You must enjoy the little things in life and appreciate the time you have right now. We only grow older, and sometimes we get caught in the mundane parts of life. This tattoo can be a reminder to let society keep you in a holding pattern. We must always be present and enjoy what we have. Take risks and chances.

Different Tattoo Variations

The heartbeat line can be used in a variety of ways and often leads into other simple linework like curved waves, cancer ribbons, or script and dates. For names, fonts that mimic the ups and downs of the heartbeat line are often chosen to incorporate the text better. Inspirational words like faith, love, and hope are usually introduced into heartbeat designs that represent personal faith and religious beliefs. Crucifixes or the numbers of Bible scripture can be designed into the heartbeat line to symbolize the significance of one’s faith. Heart shapes are also often included to emphasize the relationship between the individual and their beliefs.

Skyline Heartbeat Tattoo

The heartbeat can easily be transformed into a city skyline, changing from the stiff peaks of the pulse into the rectangular shapes of a city’s buildings. Cities with notable skylines and metropolitans that have developed their own unique culture are generally used as they are easily recognizable. New York City is one of the most popular cityscapes that are used along with London, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, and more. These heartbeat tattoo designs represent the home of the individual or the place where they feel safe and comfortable. The culture of the city may also describe the wearer of this tattoo, revealing characteristics about them that they may not otherwise share.

Music Tattoo

The heartbeat can be introduced into numerous designs in different ways, such as into the measures of sheet music where the zigzag of the pulse is used in place of notes. Inspirational words or favorite lyrics can be included in the heartbeat line to emphasize the affiliation with music and musicians. The simple outline of an instrument can be included within the rise and fall of the line to highlight which instrument the musician plays. This is a design perfect for dedicated musicians who identify closely with their music. Using a watercolor effect or any other type of accenting style, or splashes of color into the background creates a fuller and bolder tattoo. In larger tattoo designs, an entire bar of music is designed with a few measures included. Rather than notes, smaller heartbeat waves are placed on a scale among the lines of the action to mimic sheet music. Songwriters may prefer this design as it showcases their music-writing abilities while also conveying the significance of music to them.

Ocean Tattoo

Ocean waves can be combined with a heartbeat line tattoo creating a unique design since the stream of water complements the waves of the heartbeat, making an exciting and attractive contrast between the stiff peaks and curved whitecaps. This tattoo symbolizes the water-lover or one who engages in water sports, boating, canoeing, surfing, or any other aquatic activity. The wave among the heartbeats can also symbolize an astrological water sign like Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces and can include more symbols of the Zodiac to clarify the tattoo’s intent. A wild spirit is also conveyed with the ocean wave, representing an ocean storm that mirrors one’s roaring personality. Contrarily, the wave could represent the ocean tides and, in that sense, is a symbol of consistency and predictability.

Couples Tattoo

The heartbeat tattoo is perfect as a couple of tattoos. In this design, the real heartbeat of one another can be used or the pulse of a child, which is often taken from a monitor shortly after birth. This design is very personal and unique, well suited for loving parents and partners. Most often, the heartbeat is placed on the chest, inner arm, or ring finger, where a pulse can easily be found.

Angel Wings Tattoo

A heartbeat tattoo that includes angel wings on both sides can serve as a symbol of someone lost. When the heart stops beating, we move on to another life, and this design is a way of honoring and remembering those important to us that have left this earth. This is another way to remind ourselves to keep living and not waste any time because the person we get this tattoo for has already lost their time.

Faith Love Hope Tattoo

We often see tattoo designs where they cross, heart, and word ‘hope’ are connected by a heartbeat line. This is a tattoo that serves as a reminder of what is essential in our lives. For people who are spiritual, this tattoo is a great way to represent how they feel. This tattoo is a representation of how someone chooses to live their life. If their religion is the focus of their life, faith, love, and hope, a heartbeat tattoo is an excellent way to express that feeling.

Incorporating Words Tattoo

We often see words incorporated into the heartbeat tattoo as a way to express how strongly they feel about something. ‘Family’ is one of the most tattooed words in this way because, for many people, their family is the most essential thing in their lives. It is also possible to see a child’s name worked into the heartbeat tattoo or even a pet’s name. Anyone or anything in this world that is important to you can be accomplished into the heartbeat tattoo to show how strongly you feel about it.

Because the heartbeat tattoo is a relatively delicate design, it is often created as a small piece that appears more feminine than masculine. To create a more masculine design, an anatomical heart can be incorporated into the designs line, introducing slightly gruesome imagery into an otherwise romantic symbol. This design considers the reality of the heart and its place in the human body. The heartbeat is a lifeline that allows the body to survive, upon which all other functions depend. In this way, the heartbeat line tattoo is a reminder of mortality and the fragility of life. This design can also be a memorial tattoo and include names or dates of a loved one who have passed on.

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