In Memoriam Tattoos And Their Symbolism In Life (And Death)

In Memoriam Tattoos And Their Symbolism In Life (And Death)

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Losing a loved one will never be easy. It is one of the worst things a person can experience in life. Although death frequently happens in life, it is still hard to deal with. Getting through the loss of a loved one will take time, and everyone’s journey to healing is unique.

We are all different, and sometimes the journey can seem more than we can actually bear. When this once happens, we have to remember to be grateful for the time we spent with our loved ones. We should also know that they are in a much better place, although that doesn’t make death more comfortable to endure.

Although losing a loved one will never be easy, the right support, as well as guidance, can help us get through it. Life has to go on, and we are going to grow from the loss and learn to live with it. There are many uplifting, sympathetic, and inspirational things we can do to pay tribute to our dead loved ones. For example, we can get a tattoo in memoriam of a loved one.

Just like grief, tattoos are both personal and permanent. Unlike grief, tattoos are usually on public display.

We were altering our bodies in memoriam of someone or something, maybe a way of confronting our grief. We can also outwardly express the magnitude of our loss.

For those people who have memorial tattoos, they let those tattoos carry the memory of their loved ones everywhere. Also, in many different cases, they share their stories when someone asks about the meaning behind them.

There are many different tattoos that we can use in order to pay tribute to our dead loved ones. Such tattoos are more than expressing our grief, although they are certainly that.

  • In memoriam tattoos, meaning, and symbolism.Life

Tattoos of in memoriam, which is Latin for “in memory of” are likely a very ancient joining of ink with skin. These tattoos can use the actual words, in Latin or English, followed by the initials or the name. Some other more symbolic reminders of the deceased can also follow the words. These tattoos represent something more than only an expression of grief, even though they are certainly that.

The people that the wearer memorializes become a physical presence and a lasting part of him or her. In many different ways, tattoos were and continue to be a transformative process for people and a way to fight the deaths eventual coming. This tattoo is still one more way for us to cope with loss, and express our desire for remembrance.

These tattoos are the type of body marking that people usually get in remembrance of someone or something dear to them. However, they don’t use them only to pay tribute to a dead person. It can be an event that changed one’s life in one way or the other.

For example, these tattoos are going to represent the period that you had to cope with a disease like cancer.  They will also represent the time when you went to war to fight for your country. However, for most people, these tattoos serve to pay tribute to their lost loved ones.

Just like the name itself suggests, in memoriam tattoos, find their uses in pay tribute to deceased ones, who were very close to the wearer’s heart. That deceased one can be a parent, child, spouse, close friend, or a pet. Having this tattoo will mean that the person holds a very special place in the wearer’s heart. Also, even though the person is not around the wearer anymore, he or she is never going to forget that person.

Most people with this body marking are going to have it as a sign of bereavement. However, there are many other reasons that you can have one such tattoo. Just like most other types of tattoos, they can have various meanings and symbolism.

The tradition of having these tattoo dates back to the middle 20th century. In those times, soldiers had such tattoos in memoriam of their colleagues that fall in a battle where death was almost everyday assurance. It was a tradition with American soldiers; however, it slowly became the trend among other armies.

Soon after that, the tradition became a global trend as tattoo enthusiasts carried it worldwide. They did that to express their love for the person that passed on because of unfortunate events in life. This can be for one of those times when death comes without warning.

  • In memoriam tattoo designs and placement.

Despite the fact that they are a sign of bereavement, they will be excellent with other things.  They can help one feel the presence of that person by tattooing their memory, name, or birthday on their bodies.

Some tattoo lovers may combine these tattoos with some other symbols in order to give them a more profound meaning. For example, angel wings are one of the most frequent additions to this body marking. Many people have them to show that although the person isn’t alive, he or she is with the angels. They also want to show that their deceased loved one watches from above and protects them, and they have beaten death in some way.

In memoriam, tattoos can appear in designs that include names and dates. Others can include the words “In loving memory” combined with hearts. Winged heart tattoos may also belong to this tattoo design. There are even memorial tattoo portraits. Most of these tattoos are not so large, and their placement is a matter of personal choice. You can have them anywhere you want. However, people usually prefer to have them on the wrist, shoulder, forearm, and upper back.

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