Rosary Design As A Big Part Of Religious Tattoo Art

Rosary Design As A Big Part Of Religious Tattoo Art

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It is common knowledge that religious tattoos are popular in the world of ink. There are so many ways to express your love for the religion you believe in, and tattoos are inevitably the most public display of religious devotion. The fact that they are permanent and outward proof of religious beliefs is why they are considered as very intentional and devotional. ReligiousNo matter in which religion you believe in, there are endless possibilities of how to create a unique and religious tattoo design. A religious tattoo represents a blend of religious views and the new age fashion style.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, a rosary tattoo is an ideal choice for expressing the devotion to your religion while at the same time receiving a very fashionable tattoo. But what is a rosary? Rosaries are very popular in the Christian and Catholic faiths. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘rosarium’ which means rose garlands. Both Christian and Catholic religions focus on the worshiping of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit through indirect communication.

Rosaries help believers to worship and communicate with God through repetitious and methodical prayer. A rosary tattoo allows people to worship and pray without having the actual beads in hand or simply to express their love for the religion. The wearing of the rosary will enable believers to ask for protection and blessing from God. Each bead of the rosary stands for prayers that are being said in order to complete the rosary. The tattoo artists should be very respectful while designing a rosary tattoo because of its great significance for Christian and Catholic believers. Tattoos are the strongest form of non-verbal self-expression. In the world of religious tattoos, rosaries are considered as popular and beautiful images for tattoos to convey a complete dedication to God.

These tattoo designs are very personal and hold great significance for those who wear them. A rosary tattoo can include other religious symbols depending on the meanings that you want to convey and how you want your design to look. It is also essential to think about the size and where you want to place the tattoo to be sure that everything will come out ideally. In the original and tattoo form, the image of a rosary consists of 55 beads, 50 in a loop with a tail of 5 beads usually heaving a crucifix at the end. In tattoos, most of the people want their rosary to be as realistic as possible. The crucifix can be either simple or highly detailed, with Christ hanging from it. It all comes down to your taste and how much money you want to spend on the tattoo.

Rosaries serve as reminders of Christ’s suffering but also as protectors from Satan. The rosary tattoo designs that serve as protectors are usually inked somewhere close to the heart or around hands. The placement of the tattoo is not necessarily important. However, it can definitely hold personal meaning. Some people want their rosary tattoos to be in a public place, and others want to cover them. Despite the location of the tattoo, the importance and meaning are unaffected. A rosary tattoo around the chest symbolizes the protection of the heart and desires.

This type of tattoo is usually done by wrapping the beads around the heart area while the crucifix drape downward. When a rosary tattoo is placed on the foot, it symbolizes protection and good fortune during the traveling of the person who wears it. In order to express the devotion and faith in the religion, you should place the rosary tattoo on the wrist, hand, or forearm since these places are very public. This is excellent for praying without having the actual beads and showing how proud you are of your religion. These are only some of the places where you can place a rosary tattoo. Rosary tattoos are usually done with more detail and less color. However, if you decide to use colors, you should probably choose dark brown, red and always black.

  Ideas for rosary tattoos

  • Rosary beads with hands- two hands in praying gesture with the rosary wrapped around them symbolizes praying, devotion to faith and acceptance of higher power
  • Rosaries with the holy cross- symbolizes Christ’s sacrifice and are more common for Catholic believers
  • For guidance- a tattoo religious design where the rosary surrounds the name of the wearer or the loved one. This type of tattoo serves as guidance for the person whose name is surrounded by the rosary
  • The rosary and a rose– this religious design is highly symbolic and represents love and devotion to the Holy Virgin Mary
  • The rosary and a dove– in the Bible, a dove is a symbol of purity and righteousness, but the dove together with the rosary symbolizes purity and divine guidance



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