Salmon Tattoo Art: Meanings, Symbolism And Variations

Salmon Tattoo Art: Meanings, Symbolism And Variations

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Salmon Fish

Salmon is a group name for several species of ray-finned fish in the family Salmonidae. The other fish that belong in this family of fish are trout, char, grayling, and whitefish. The term salmon originates from the Latin ‘salmo’, which may originate from ‘salire’ meaning to leap. In the past, salmon was an important food source to the people of Northern Europe who believed that eating salmon from a special well could bring second sight and knowledge of all things. Salmon is known for its characteristics and traits. First, fertility since this fish is well known for its ability to reproduce and create many offspring. Millions of baby salmon are born each year, however, due to the natural predators, not many of them survive.Salmon

Another typical characteristic of the salmon is the adaptation to change. It’s a common knowledge that a salmon needs to travel each year from the ocean to freshwater to reproduce. Due to this fact, salmon is characterized as having the ability to change by continually moving and adapt to that change. The salmon also has a totemic meaning, symbolizing rebirth, moving, happiness, eternal life, and femininity. People born under this symbol are considered to be in love with life and enjoy every second of it. They live their lives in the fullest, taking place only for people and things they love.

Furthermore, these people are happy, always smiling, and sharing jokes with others. Salmon is also a sign of femininity and reproduction, so people born or protected by this totem have large families. They enjoy being surrounded by family members and always ask for their support. Since change is another characteristic of this totem, people born under it are always traveling in the search for new places and adventures. They can easily get bored by staying at the same place for too long.  The salmon stands for wisdom, so people protected by this totem are guided in life by their intellect and life knowledge.

Salmon plays an essential role in many cultures, including Celtic. In Celtic mythology and culture, the salmon is considered to be the creature of wisdom and venerability. Along with the boar and the wren, this fish is considered as especially spiritual creature and one of the symbols of sacred knowledge, spiritual nourishment, prophecy, and inspiration. According to the Celts, eating a salmon gives a person great wisdom and the ability to see the future. They believed that when this fish appeared, it meant a person had an increased ability to sense changes in the environment. Moreover, the appearance of a salmon also suggested that a person needs to be aware of where they had been or where they are thinking of going.

The salmon is also part of the Celtic astrology and animal zodiac signs. People born between August 5th and September 1st are considered to be born under this sign. What is typical for the people born in this sign is that they are inventive and wise, very often thinking fundamentally about some of life’s most difficult mysteries. In Celtic astrology, these individuals are portrayed as visionaries and walkers between worlds. Those born in this sign are also closely connected to the family. They may travel from time to time, but they always come back home to their families. In the Celtic culture, the salmon is also very popular as a tattoo design. The Celtic tattoo design has several symbolic meanings. It stands for awareness of what surrounds you, knowledge, and wisdom to overcome any obstacle in life as well as the ability to transform and change your life.

Nowadays, the salmon is the first choice for a fish tattoo. The tattoo of a salmon symbolizes determination and dedication. People who choose this tattoo are ready to overcome all difficulties for the sake of their goal. For those who want to see these qualities in themselves, a Salmon tattoo is a perfect choice. Because this fish swims upstream in search of their birthplace before spawning, the tattoo design has also become associated with perseverance and courage. No matter whether you choose this tattoo out of spiritual or culinary interest, your tattoo tells a story that can easily be read.  The tattoo design can be done in different styles. Either in black and white, with a lot of details, multi-layered color, realistically rendered, or highly stylized. The tattoos of salmon are not just ink homage, but companions and reminders to stay to the course, the one of your choosing. No matter how dangerous the waters are, you know what it takes to venture afar, and you need to be brave to survive whatever fate has planned.

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