Fish Tattoo Designs, Symbolism And Meaning: Luck, Good Fortune And Happiness.

Fish Tattoo Designs, Symbolism And Meaning: Luck, Good Fortune And Happiness.

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Being the earliest form of sustenance, sea life was an integral part of the history of humanity. Our love affairs with fish have evolutionary origins. Anthropologists believe that the incorporation of fish into our diet, with the high omega acid content, has been the main force for the evolution of humans.

  • Fish tattoos, symbolism, and meaning.

However, they have become more than just a mainstay on our dinner plates. In a lot of cultures around the world, they are expressions of our spirituality. But, they are used in tattoo art too, as a lot of tattoo lovers choose various tattoo designs, and they are common among them.

These tattoos were not always in trend, but nowadays, a lot of people are getting tattoos like this on their skin, as of their important symbolism and meaning. This is a cute creature. We are actually talking about some small fishes such as goldfish, not huge kinds such as whale or shark.

As we already said, these tattoos become more and more popular among men and women nowadays, as of their lovely and exciting colors, as well as the variety of patterns, and even designs which are utilized. But, these tattoos came into existence from the Japanese culture. Fishes are also well known for bringing fortune, as well as knowledge, and some religions have considered them the symbol of courage and faith.

These tattoos have many different meanings, according to a lot of different countries and cultures. Fishes are a symbol of luck, good fortune, and happiness. They are intelligent species. This means that they are the symbol of intelligence too. They represent good luck, happiness, wealth, long life, adaptability, determination, and freedom.

For example, in Christianity, fishes are the symbol of faith and abundance. Nowadays, people get these tattoos precisely for this reason. There are also a lot of designs for fish tattoos. They look very attractive when they appear on the skin with color.

  • Fish tattoo designs and their meanings.

With the increasing popularity of these tattoo designs in recent years, here are the ten most common ideas which are going to inspire you to get one for yourself:

  1. Golden fish tattoo on the back.

As tattoo enthusiasts are those types of individuals that desire to give meaning to the tattoo designs they tattoo, the golden fish tattoo is going to be the right choice for them. Not just it will look beautiful with all those styles, colors, and patterns utilized, but it will also be full of depth. They are definitely some of the best tattoo designs.

  1. Fish head tattoo.

The fish head tattoo is really simple; still, it is a very symbolic tattoo design. It actually portrays the picture of the head with deep black color. The intricate details of this fish head were also given. It looks really different, but still extremely attractive.

  1. Splashing fish tattoo.Fish

The single habitat of every fish is in the sea. They are actually known to splash while they are swimming each time they turn their tails. Their movement is also excellent, and they are the most wonderful sea creatures you can see. A fish splashing and jumping will make an excellent tattoo design.

  1. Fish flower tattoo.

The floral fish tattoo is another extravagant, as well as illustrious designs to choose from. The combination of colors of the scales together with the wonderful rich yellow and red flowers adds to its beauty. In that way, it makes it a gorgeous and really attractive design to the eye. It will be best for those that want their tattoos to look elegant and rich.

  1. Yin Yang fish tattoo.

Carps are usually in pairs with the Yin-Yang symbol. The sides of white and black are said to resemble a male and female carp swimming together, and representing the harmony of the two different energies which come together as one. Yin and Yang will further symbolize the double sides of everything and the perfect harmony and balance of them.

  1. Betta fish tattoo.

The betta fish is a fiery fighter which is best known for their beautifully colored, as well as flared fins. These tattoo designs are also known for the vibrant color hues utilized for the Betta. She is usually known for aggressive behavior and prefer solitude. A betta fish tattoo will be a way of identifying with the fierce little fish and show this world that you treasure your freedom, individuality, as well as indomitable spirit.

  1. Blackfish tattoo.

One of the most authentic places to make a tattoo will be your head, particularly at the back of the ear. They will look unbelievable beautiful and attractive. A well-designed blackfish tattoo on the side of your head will surely give you a stunning, as well as creative look.

  1. Blue carp tattoo.

With the right amount of effort and color, the Blue Carp tattoo is actually guaranteed to look excellent on the skin. The blue carp tattoos are very masculine, and a tattoo of swimming blue carp may signify that you already overcome the obstacle. Some other different designs or patterns are going to make this tattoo even more attractive.

  1. Black plain tattoo.

The different fish tattoo designs should not always have to be colored. They can be simple but still beautiful. The black plain tattoo design will be the best example in such cases. The structure, the scales, tail, and fins may be made to look very attractive if the tattoo artist puts in the great effort.

  1. Dragon carp tattoo.

The dragon carp fish tattoo design will symbolize overcoming obstacles because the swimming carp transforms into a dragon. The river will represent the adversity, and the dragon fish moving represents the aim and density to reach a certain goal. The dragonfish is for ferocity, power, and an aura of mystery. These tattoos always suggest new beginnings in life.

The symbolism and subject of this design are broad and their representations in the tattoo imagery are effective as infinite as the variety of fish. Think carefully, and you may even choose some of these beautiful tattoo designs.

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