Strawberry Tattoo Design: Meanings And Variations

Strawberry Tattoo Design: Meanings And Variations

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Strawberry Fruit Tattoo

There are different reasons for people to choose a strawberry for their tattoo design. For instance, some people consider the strawberry as just a popular and tasty, sweet red fruit grown in the early summer. Other people are in love with strawberries for their unique and romantic lore. Of course, there are a lot of people who relate this type of fruit with fertility and temptation, much like the shiny and tasty cherry. The most obvious one is because there is a lot of meaning attached to this tattoo.

Fertility: Strawberries are associated with cherries in the way that they often symbolize the most feminine and fertile traits of women. There were times when French people believed that strawberries were the ultimate aphrodisiac. To tempt a man on his wedding night, strawberries were served to both the bride and groom to guarantee their sexual relations with hopes of conception. Nowadays, champagne and strawberries make a universally romantic pair.

Love: The strawberry tattoo is perfect for those who search eternal love since this tattoo has plenty of romantic sentiment. There is one common belief that claims that if two people share in the consumption of a double-ended strawberry, they will fall madly in love. This is a unique tattoo design for you and your soul mate since it makes a playful and flirtatious choice for couples.

Roses: There is an uncommon knowledge that strawberries are part of the rose family. Even though their petals may not bear the scent of their aromatic sisters, the fruiting strawberry ripens to a beautiful shade of red, rivaling the rose in sweet consumable flavor.

Fairy legends: People who are interested in supernatural things like elves and fairy, a strawberry fruit tattoo make a charming and mystical tattoo choice. This comes from the fact that every spring, Bavarian farmers used to offer a small basket of mature strawberries to legendary elves with hopes that they will give their one of a kind blessings to the farm cows for a productive and good milking season. With small baskets of wild strawberries tied to their horns, cattle are driven to the fields with hopes to receive the spoken elves gifts.Strawberry Fruit Tattoo

Strawberry tattoo designs

There are so many strawberry tattoo designs, and this below are only some of the most popular ones:

Strawberry and Vine Tattoo:

This tattoo looks gorgeous and indicates a vibrant and high-spirited personality of the person wearing it. The vines symbolize wildness and vigor with inner innocence. This is the reason why this is a popular choice when it comes to strawberry tattoos.

Double Strawberry Tattoo:

The double strawberry tattoo serves as an announcement or confession of love, which makes it a great love-themed tattoo. This design is a perfect choice for couples who are in love since both of the partners can get it on their skin as a symbol of their love and romance.

Angel Winged Strawberry Tattoo:

This tattoo design is a perfect representation that gives an idea of a healthy relationship and a gorgeous romance. The wings portrait that the bearer is enjoying being in love, and is looking forward to upcoming events with their partner.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Tattoo:

This tattoo design is a symbol of the powerful and sensual appeal of the owner. If you are passionate about love or hedonism in life, this is a perfect tattoo for you.

Melting Strawberry Tattoo:

This is the perfect tattoo for ladies because it gives out positive vibes and a simplistic yet delightful appeal. Plus, it stands out as a design on the body of the owner.

Strawberry Cupcake Tattoo:

This is another tattoo option for ladies that includes a cute strawberry tattoo image with a cupcake. This tattoo indicates a bubbly personality and a positive perspective on life. You are free to experiment with the variations of the red color in this design.

Strawberry Heart Tattoo:

The tattoo of a strawberry heart is a perfect tattoo design due to its similarity with a heart. This is a very simple design that attracts a lot of attention and symbolism.

Black and White Strawberry Tattoo:

This tattoo is a perfect example that you don’t need color to have a stunning tattoo. The tattoo can be done in plain black and white, too, and still get your compliments. This black and white strawberry tattoo is perfect for those people who want a simple and cute tattoo.

Even though these tattoo designs are more popular with women, some men choose to get them. Because of their universal look, strawberry tattoos can never lose popularity. These tattoos are simple but very unique, and just like the fruit itself, they immediately catch the attention of other people who see it. Before you decide to get the strawberry tattoo, choose the meaning and symbolism that best suits your personality.

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