Chrysanthemum Tattoo Design: Symbolism and Meaning  

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Design: Symbolism and Meaning  

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Chrysanthemum tattoos are a lovely way to honor a special event or person in your life, and they’re sure to entice attention wherever you go. A chrysanthemum tattoo is a kind of Asian tattoo, which is principally popular in the countries of Japan and China. In those countries and with many others who have been influenced by Eastern culture, this symbol stands for different things depending on its form and color. It is often believed that the chrysanthemum tattoo originates from an old Chinese legend where a warrior removed (cut) his eyelids so that he could continue with the battle without falling asleep. When his adversaries found him, he was able to protect himself simply by closing his eyes and opening them again when necessary, thanks to the power of this flower.

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 If you’re considering getting a chrysanthemum tattoo, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. First, be sure to pick a skilled and capable artist to do the work; your tattoo must be done properly to ensure its permanency. Secondly, take your time in the search for a design that is personal for you. After all, you’ll be wearing this tattoo design on your body for the rest of your life. Finally, be certain you’re comfy with the meaning behind the design before getting tattooed. 

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning 

Chrysanthemum tattoos are a widespread choice for various people, as they signify many different things. For instance, chrysanthemums can symbolize death, grief, and loss in some cultures. In contrast, they may represent joy, optimism, and life in others. 

 In addition, these flowers are frequently related to the sun, making them a common choice for tattoo designs. Here are some important meanings that you can use for your tattoo. 

 Honor – In Chinese tradition, this flower denotes honor while it symbolizes youth in Japanese tradition. The latter also links it with courage when red is used to ink the design onto someone’s body. 

 Life – The chrysanthemum symbol has a zodiacal implication since it resembles the sun that brings warmness into our lives, just like family members are supposed to do. Therefore, it can represent life itself, while some people may choose to use it for protection. 

 Memorial Tattoo – Some people may also decide to have a chrysanthemum tattoo as a symbol of commemoration for someone they have lost since the flower is known to signify grief and sadness in some cultures. It is also often used as a symbol for funerals and memorial services. 

 Rebellion – Fascinatingly, the chrysanthemum was once used as a sign of mutiny against the government in China. This stopped from an event that took place throughout the Qing Dynasty when Emperor Qian Long ordered all paintings of chrysanthemums to be smashed because he felt that the simple flower was too common and uninspiring. However, many artists overlooked this verdict and secretly continued to paint them. So this symbol began to be related to defiance and courage. 

 Strength – The chrysanthemum tattoo may also signify a wish for the wearer to be as rugged and robust as this flower, which blooms throughout fall and winter when other plants wither and die. 

 Flexibility – It has always been seen as a symbol of flexibility. It can endure even the harshest weather conditions much tougher than those that could destroy other flowers in its path. 

 Chrysanthemums are enduring flowers that grow despite weed competition, limited water disposal, or poor soil quality. This makes them a suitable symbol for people who have overcome various difficulties in their lives and continued until they succeeded in the end. 

 Mental Health – People may decide to get a chrysanthemum tattoo because it is believed to help recover one’s health, both physical and mental. The symbol is meant to help protect the owner from sicknesses associated with the head because of its similarity to a brain. Furthermore, it can be used as a lucky charm against evil forces on the body because demons are believed to be scared of this flower since they do not have any power over it. 

 The chrysanthemum’s link to mental health lies in its similarity to the sun, which is connected to vigor and positivity by most cultures worldwide. Therefore, for some people, wearing this tattoo may symbolize hope for cheerfulness in their lives, more so than other tattoo designs could ever express. It has also been noticed that these flowers can help increase one’s self-esteem through imagery because they signify power and strength. 

Overall this is a strong tattoo design with powerful meanings and deep symbolism. It’s perfectly ok to combine this flower as a part of a more significant project. Also, it’s just right to stand alone because this is a motif that carries an interesting story to tell. Color design is always a good idea, although there’s a lot of interesting and attractive black and gray designs. Choose the one that’s close to your story and keep on buzzing.

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