Tiki Tattoo Motif: History, Meanings And Variations

Tiki Tattoo Motif: History, Meanings And Variations

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Tiki Tattoo

Polynesian and Hawaiian tattoos seem to be very popular these days, and the Tiki tattoo design is one that many people choose to get. Tiki tattoos have a very distinctive look, and they hold important meanings to the people that own them. 

Meanings and symbolism of Tiki tattoos:             

 Tiki tattoos are symbols that represent the so-called “semi-gods.” Tikis are human figures in the shape of a statue or some other type of carving that, in a tattoo, form symbolizes imitations of those classic creations. Very often, people want their Tiki tattoos to look as authentic as possible. Tiki TattooThere are also some cases when Tiki tattoo designs are twisted to emphasize their meaning for the owner.  

Ideas for a Tiki tattoo:                                                                                                                                                                

 The key to choosing a perfect Tiki tattoo is knowing something about some of the Polynesian gods that they represent. You need to bear in mind that Tiki designs aren’t only good-looking. Those people who were the original creators were doing so to honor these gods. That is the crucial reason why these tattoos are not for everyone. But, if you feel like one of the gods symbolizes something crucial to you, then a Tiki might be perfect for you.  

According to Polynesian mythology, Ku is the god of war. He also occurs to be one of the most popular gods ever used in Tiki tattoo designs in recent times. This is the kind of Tiki design you should get if you want to show the warrior inside. It also makes for an awesome military tattoo. Ku often has a powerful, robust, or fuming expression on his face and fire-red or blue eyes. 

Another extremely popular Tiki is Kane since he is the most powerful god of them all. This is an exceptional Tiki design to get if you wish to show that you control your destiny, and no one can get in your way while trying to reach your goals. Kane frequently has a very intense look on his face, and his head has these two interesting sideways triangles that can look fantastic in tattoo form. 

People who wish for a Tiki tattoo that symbolizes fertility should look no further than the Lono Tiki tattoo. This is significant symbolism for anyone who intends to have a lot of kids or who is honored to be part of a larger family. Lono has what looks like a big crown on his head. This makes him a perfect Tiki tattoo choice for anyone looking to place their tattoo on their arm. 

At last, you can also get Kanaloa, who is the god of the sea. This is the tattoo design to want if you love the water and work on the water. Kanaloa is the Tiki that most people will recognize since he has that traditional Tiki look with a high hat and a horrifying look on his face. He is the ruler of the sea, and some people choose to incorporate a lot of blue in their Kanaloa tattoos or even put the Tiki on the water. 

What’s fascinating about Tiki tattoos is that they all look almost the same, but you are free to add in any design elements which will make them unique. This is especially true if you want this to be your first tattoo, and you want to put as much personal meaning as possible. You can even implant numerous symbols into the Tiki itself, which is pretty great since you’d often have to use up more body space to add in other images. 

The look on the Tiki’s face is usually the central and most important part of the Tiki tattoo. This is because it helps outsiders to learn a bit more about what it stands for. Typically, they have a screaming or angry look to them, but you can give your Tiki whatever expression you want. You can even make your Tiki smile or leave it with no expression at all. 

Reasons to get a Tiki tattoo: 

 Once upon a time, people of Polynesian blood were the only ones who wore tiki tattoos. Nowadays, a lot of people from around the world decide to get these tattoos for different reasons. If you don’t have any Polynesian heritage, make sure that you show respect with your design and don’t go too far away from the usual Tiki look. In most situations, people will choose to get a Tiki tattoo because they love the look of these designs, and they find some meaning that fits their personalities. 

Almost every Tiki tattoo has a lot of detail, so this is the type of design that you will want to have tattooed by a trained professional. Of course, you will find a tattoo artist who has made Tiki tattoo designs in the past, but what’s most critical is that they are known for being sticklers for details and will not rush through your design. 

Tiki tattoos look amazing on the skin, and they have profound meanings for many people who wear them. If you wish to get a Tiki tattoo, you should take your time during the process of creation of the design and then hire a top tattoo artist to do the Tiki for you. 

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