Masonic Tattoo Design: Symbols, Ideas And Meanings

Masonic Tattoo Design: Symbols, Ideas And Meanings

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Freemasonry is a period of an old tradition followed by a secret society of vastly qualified men of great status and eminence. This society is based on the principles of goodwill towards mankind and the growth of science and knowledge. Freemasonry is also a cause of much speculation and mystery due to the enigmatic nature of the organization. As it is the repetitive case of art reflecting life, Freemasonry and masonic designs have also impacted tattoo art and tattoo culture. These days, Masonic tattoo designs are very popular among people all around the world. 

The Rules of Freemasonry 

Responsibilities are those elements of ritual. A candidate swears to abide by the community’s rules to keep the “secrets of Freemasonry” (which are the various signs, tokens, and words associated with acknowledgment in each degree). They also swear to act towards others in agreement with Masonic tradition and law. In regular rules, these responsibilities are sworn on the volume of the Sacred Law and in the witness of the Supreme Being. They are often combined with the declaration that it is of the candidate’s own free will. 

Masonic Symbols 

Masonic Square 

 The Square and Compasses (or a square and a set of compasses linked together) is the most recognizable Freemasonry symbol. Both the square and compasses are architectural tools. In Masonic rituals, they serve as emblems to teach symbolic lessons. Some Lodges and rituals clarify these symbols as lessons in conduct. For instance, Masons should “square their actions by the square of virtue” and learn to “limit their aspirations and keep their passions within due bounds toward all mankind.” 

Ark of the Covenant 

 The Ark of the Covenant exposes God’s Promise to David. Through this promise, we obtain God’s endless mercy for our transgressions today. This is the main reason why the Ark of the Covenant is vital to Masons. Masons consider that Solomon’s temple was built because of the Ark of the Covenant. 

Masonic Altar 

The Masonic altar, upon which resides the Holy Books, within the Masonic Lodge, is a symbol of our place of unity with God. However, in ancient times, this altar was a place of sacrifice, compensation, and closeness with God. 

Masonic Lamb 

 The Lamb is a representation of virtuousness and purity. In Ancient Craft Masonry, the Lamb is the sign of virtue. Henceforth it is required that a Freemason’s Apron should be prepared of lambskin. In the advanced Degrees and the Degrees of chivalry, as in Christian illustration, the Lamb is a symbol of Jesus Christ. 

The Letter G 

 Hebrew is the language in which the Bible was originally written. In this language, the letter G is called Gheemel (or Gimel) and has a numerical value of 3. According to history, there is a reference of number 3 with God. Gimel is the 3rd letter of many Semitic languages in every language, including Phoenician, Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew, and Syriac. The letter G in Freemasonry is the symbol for both God and Geometry. 

Masonic Eye 

 The Masonic Eye is representative of the Eye of God. It is the symbol of his holy presence and his ever-present care of the universe. The Masonic Eye of God is a protector of every one of us. 

Masonic Star 

The Masonic Blazing Star is something very different from the Five-Pointed Star. This is one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry. “The Masonic Blazing Star, or magnificence in the center, serves as a reminder for us of that awful period when God delivered the two tablets of stone. This contained the ten commandments to his faithful servant, Moses on Mount Sinai, when the rays of His divine glory shone so bright that none could behold it without fear and tremble. 

Masonic Tattoo Designs 

All of these symbols that we previously mentioned can be used for a Masonic tattoo piece. They are frequently portrayed together with other characters, which improves the design. However, you should carefully choose the symbols that you are going to add to your Masonic tattoo. 

As you know, Masonic tattoos carry a religious significance. This is the reason why they should be placed in the upper part of the body. Furthermore, you should carefully approach the choice of the symbol and placement of the tattoo. Holy symbols are usually tattooed on the arms, back, or head. This is something that you should have in mind if you want to get a Masonic tattoo. 

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