Valentine’s Day Top 5 Couple Tattoo Ideas And Variations

Valentine’s Day Top 5 Couple Tattoo Ideas And Variations

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Although partners can express their love for each other at any time, certain occasions are synonymous with sending tokens of how they feel for each other. Birthdays or wedding anniversaries are the obvious ones. Depending on their cultural background, this might be at Christmas, Hannukah, or any other relevant religious celebration. But the time of year most symbolic and connected with love is February 14th. That’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s celebrated around theValentine’s world. Traditionally celebrated with flowers, a dinner date, or jewelry, more and more couples are going for tattoos.

1. Your Anniversary

Couple tattoo designs have a special meaning that connects a loving couple even more. After all, these body adornments, once have been the preserve of soldiers, sailors, or members of motorcycle gangs, have evolved considerably. TV series like Inkmasters are focused on celebrating the beauty and poignancy of body art. Dating sites are a fantastic resource for gaining inspiration about ideas for mutual tats. Observed by upforit dating site, experts people with original tattoos attract more attention to themselves. This can range from a subtle design, perhaps strategically placed on a wrist, to inkwork flourishing over arms. And what better excuse for investing in joint tattoos than marking your anniversary? Dates can be expressed in myriad ways, in diverse formats and fonts. You might even choose something significant to the day you got together – something has known only to yourselves would be a truly personal touch.

2. A Special Symbol For Your Valentine’s Day

The iconic rock performer Price went through a phase where he changed his name to ‘Symbol,’ inventing an eyecatching but straightforward design that instantly became associated with his dynamic personality and music. Symbols can be potent, considering that certain things can be expressed so much more strongly than Valentine’sby resorting to words. This is especially the case where partners wish to wear their emotions on their sleeves – sometimes literally! The question is, which symbol to choose? This is where you need to opt for something meaningful. It would be advisable to steer clear symbolic characters, such as those commonly occurring in Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic. Cultural appropriation can be a sensitive area. There have also been many instances of Western tattooists making mistakes when transcribing from a template, leaving their subjects with meaningless squiggles.

3. Use Your Names

A while ago, the idea of using a tattoo to symbolize your feelings for someone was regarded as ‘tacky’ when this involved printing their name. Nobody likes to talk or think about the worst-case scenario, but bearing someone’s name or moniker is a serious commitment, and too often, these brands are applied in the heat of the moment (or during an alcohol-fuelled holiday romance!) But if you are serious about someone, getting their name embossed in your skin is a reflection of this passion. Be warned, specific scripts can look ugly, while names placed in a prominent position – especially the neck – exude an air of trailer parks or prisons. Go for discreet, over a part of your bodies only you guys are familiar with!

4. Cartoon Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are not to everyone’s taste, but they are an effective way for people to get inked if they don’t want to get something too elaborate. As symbols, the possibilities are endless. Popular renditions include everyone from Mickey Mouse to Stitch, from Bart Simpson to Marvel superheroes. Valentine’sBut your choice of Valentine’s Day tattoo can be a subject dear to your relationship. You might have a particular animated TV series or movie you relish watching together. Perhaps this character always reminds you of each other because it was the feature you watched on your first date together. This would make an ideal topic for a little ink stamp on your wrist. Unlike tattoos situated elsewhere, like your back, leg, or upper arm, this design will be omnipresent. Even when you’re not with your loved one, merely reaching out with your hand will always flash an indelible impression of them into your consciousness.

5. Half-Finished Tattoos

You might have seen examples of half-finished tats, such as a florid design consisting of outlines, Valentine’sand assumed this person is just saving up before their next sitting when they can return to their tattooist for the color shading. But it could be the case the tattoo has deliberately been left this way because it is a ‘work in progress’ being undertaken with a partner. Having half-completed artwork means you are both carrying this ink palette around together, giving you a clear reminder that you are going to be continuing this handiwork at some point. When the time is right, the pair of you can book your next joint appointment at the tattoo parlor to complete the next stage in a shared journey that is all about expressing your love for each other. Valentine’s day is just one small part of that journey.

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