Jewelry Tattoo Ideas: Replace Your Bracelet With These 10 Designs

Jewelry Tattoo Ideas: Replace Your Bracelet With These 10 Designs

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The trend of having beautiful, unique tattoos is increasing day by day. Many people also have a fascination with jewelry, especially women. By combining these two forces, you will get the most straightforward concept or design ever: a jewelry tattoo motif. A jewelry tattoo is a perfect solution for people who are afraid of losing their jewelry but still require wearing them. There are a lot of marvelous tattoo designs are available. From rings to women tennis bracelets to anklets. Even if you are not a tattoo fan, scroll down and amaze your eyes with these marvelous designs.Jewelry


This is a black ink bracelet with a cut-out pattern, just like a real bracelet. It comprises diamond shapes that have been left blank.

It is an effortless, statement-making design with a unique style. You can try this or have it designed in a bolder color, or you can do some innovations too.


This next tattoo could be perfect for people who love floral designs. The creation of beautiful black flowers accompanied by some dangling charms tattooed around the wrist gives a tremendous glam look to your appearance. You can replace the design with other flowers as you wish for a tattoo like this, or add a few colors in the jewelry design as you like.


This next design is stunning and delicate. It’s a combination of two bracelet tattoos .the upper one has a stylish dot design, while the other looks like a lovely ribbon tied around the wrist. People love these tattoos because they look like jewelry pieces. You can recreate the design or have one of them.


The next one is an ideal choice for people who love nature, and then you need to check out this unique design. This tattoo design has a charming leaf design. The leaves are drawn around the wrist beautifully, and we can color them in different shades. Those who love the fall of nature and trees will fall in love with this design.


If you want an original look that will make you stand, you can outline your wrist. Above the outline, there is a stylish geometrical pattern with a very unusual and bold design that will make a style statement. You can make further amendments as you like.


Next, here is another idea of a marvelous jewelry design. This design is a combination of a black band and a beautiful floral design inked on the inside.

The flowers pop out with an edgy and modern design. Recreate this as you desire, or try a different flower pattern; you can add some brighter colors.


If you are looking for a subtler tattoo, then this is one that is just for you. Here we have a combination of two minimal bracelet tattoos. One bracelet is just a sleek black line, while the other is a combination of black dots in different sizes. The bracelets will give you a super stylish look Tattoos like these will be relatively easy to cover up too. You can have both of them side by side, or try just one.


Lotus tattoo design is another popular design, and there are many ways to wear a lotus on your wrist. The design is a large, stunning tattoo with an ornamental lotus. The lotus tattoo also three dangling charms. It is a fantastic tattoo that will suit anybody. You can try the tattoo as it is. Or add some color. And you can also customize it as you like. For the backside, you can have a simple line with pretty charms for the jewelry bracelet.

You can make your tattoos look unique by adding initials. There are a lot of delicate tattoos. The two initials at the back join all the bracelets together. You can have the initials of your partners, loved ones, or friends. It’s a very stylish and meaningful idea.


This one is just like the previous peony tattoo shown above—an ideal design for people who love peonies and jewelry charms. A large peony flower tattooed around the wrist with dangling charms attached to the flowers. It is such a pretty and statement-making idea. You can recreate this with smaller flowers around the wrist, or you can try smaller linked peonies.


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