What Is A Unicorn, Meaning, Symbolism Of Unicorn Tattoos

What Is A Unicorn, Meaning, Symbolism Of Unicorn Tattoos

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Most certainly, a unicorn is presented as a Spirit animal. It is known as one of the most mythological creatures. Old ancient times characterize the unicorn as a creature that people used to retell about and mention it in songs, myths, legends, or stories.

On the contrary of then, unicorns today are represented as a children’s cartoon heroes. They are presented as horses colored in pink with pearl bodies and one long horn on their head that portray them as remarkable creatures.

  • Meaningunicorn

Starting from the Middle English with a Latin origin “unicorns,” a unicorn meaning was explained in two words.  Separately presented as “uni” that was interpreted as single and “corn” clarified as a horn. In one way connected, it shows an animal with a horn.

Innocence, magic, and feminine energy are some of the adjectives that emphasize the remarkable meaning of the unicorns. According to the first one, innocence, its connection with the feminine, is clarified in their meaning or strong linking with the symbol of chastity. According to this fact, the meaning is contained in one famous phrase that “only a virgin can catch a unicorn.”

Although, the feminine energy relates to this mythical creature. Their brave, intuitive, and mysterious characteristics are enough of importance to be involved in the meaning of the unicorn. As well as their chastity, power, and purity also take part in it.

In addition to this is the relation with the magic and wonder. The unicorns were the only or very few rare animals with their power to give(bestow) charm. It also is presented their imagination and a sense of wonder.

A unicorn’s meaning is imported in Heraldry. It was represented as a creature that has a tail from a lion, a leg from stag and body from the horse, and their horn raising from their forehead.

  • The symbolism

The unicorn as that what it symbolizes mustiness, although fantasy. They are also mentioned and take place in Greek history. However, we can meet them in Chinese traditions. India also has her part in unicorn history. Their symbolism is also included in Aristotle’s writings. As cultural symbolism is worth to mention the word “re’em” that Hebrew translators used about the word “unicorn” to translate it from the Hebrew Bible.

Another symbolism about the unicorn is imported in Heraldry.  There, the unicorn was represented as a creature that has a collar and one broken chain. That was explained or symbolized how they could get free only by themselves from the bondage.

In many cultural regions, the unicorn is mentioned in different ways. Firstly in China, with its similarity, it was close to a cow. In Egypt, is associated with an antelope, and in Europe, it was very close to the horse. Only in Celtic history was presented as a horse with a horn that was twisted.

However, these were creatures that could be found only in the forest. They were creatures that were hidden very well, and that appeared very rarely. Only for the people that were with good souls and intentions could see a unicorn and for the opposite ones, or people with bad intentions and thoughts, they were invisible as well as hard to find it.

  • Tattoos

Their mustiness, their feminine meanings, power, and sincerity as creatures can deceive people to wish to have a tattoo with their idyllic picture. A lot of examples with tattoos connected with unicorn were seen around the world.

Many people embrace themselves as a tattoo of a unicorn on their bodies. It seems like a good idea because this design can present power. For some people, who want to express their sincerity find it easy to do a tattoo. For many more, mustiness presents something that intrigues to commit to tattoo their body.

Females, doing this kind of tattoo, often are on edge to express their power, purity, and chastity. Their meaning could be tied to the relevance of beauty and courage. They can also express their sense of being unique.

Many people use to tattoo a unicorn horn with a lot of details on it. Some of them usually use to tattoo a unicorn on their body how it is in the forest presenting something mystic or a unicorn galloping or staying in one place and with their look disposed to the person who will look at.

Maybe some of the meanings about these tattoos can lie into the sense of something that can be or can express anything quite unnatural. And sometimes, those meanings can relate to human fantasy. Nearly the same expression can be a reason for one person to tattoo his body with a unicorn.

Unicorn tattoos represent a perfect way to express the powerful presence and the inner strength of the human.

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