Blacklight Tattoo Design: Unusual But Interesting Style

Blacklight Tattoo Design: Unusual But Interesting Style

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Nowadays, there is a new type of ink that artists can safely inject into the skin. This ink remains incredibly faint until you place it underneath a blacklight. These tattoo designs have come to be known as blacklight tattoos. They are not for everyone, but many people see them as a cool new way to express who they are.

  • What are Blacklight Tattoos?

Blacklight or UV tattoos, because they react to ultraviolet light, are done with a specific ink. This ink contains UV reactive chemicals. You can use this ink in combination with regular inks. In this way, parts of the tattoo can be seen in any light. However, the blacklight ink only appears under ultraviolet light.

These designs are typical choices for people who are regular in clubs and bars. These places illuminate their venues with blacklights, allowing for the ink to appear. Without this specific type of light, the tattoo is almost invisible and unseen.

Usually, artists create tattoos with standard ink and highlight them with UV specific ink. So, you can illuminate the tattoo if you put it under the right light. This is a perfect idea for images with some type of lighting since you can add in a night effect. It’s also great if you only want to change the color of your image under blacklights.

Often, people get their blacklight tattoos merely because they love how they look. This is risky and wrong, of course, since tastes change as you get older. Getting a tattoo just for its aesthetics could lead to regrets. You are free to add some UV ink to a meaningful tattoo that you already have if you want. In this way, you will avoid that potential regret.

  • Popular Blacklight Tattoo Designs

You can improve any image with blacklight ink. You can turn just about any tattoo into a blacklight design. For instance, you can do this with your family crest tattoo. If you are keen to do something a bit different with it, you can make it a blacklight design instead. You can even turn a classic animal tattoo into a UV tattoo.

Also, you can enhance constellation tattoos with UV ink as well. You can use it to form the lines between the stars that create the constellation. Lightning tattoos also work well since they resemble the flash of light when shining under the special light. What’s crucial for blacklight tattoos is to get the lighting just right to make it look realistic and cool. You should avoid making everything glow since it won’t be as pleasing to most people’s eyes.

Nowadays, skeleton tattoos are very popular in this blacklight style. This is because of the effect of the blacklight ink. You can trace over the parts of the skeleton to create an x-ray effect when placed under UV light. Some people even get a real x-ray and then trace their real bone structures over their skin in the UV ink.

You can enhance the simple tree tattoos with black ink by outlining some of the leaves in UV ink. The rest of the image remains black or green.

City skylines are also perfect for this tattoo style. Usually, in these designs, the lighting in the building and sky is blacklight ink. This creates a duality of daylight and nightlight in the tattoo, which adds more interest and visual appeal.

These days, text tattoos are so popular and widespread. So, it’s not too surprising at all to learn that plenty of people opt to get them in UV ink. This is an especially brilliant idea if you have a personal tattoo that you don’t want everyone to see. You can hide the words because they will look very faded under normal lighting.

  • Blacklight Tattoo Placement

Unlike most other tattoos, you can typically see blacklights tattoo on some usual parts of the body. This is because most people want to show off these types of designs as often as they can. Keep in mind that they only really “shine” under UV lighting. So, your design should not be tucked away under your clothing when you can show it off. This, of course, leaves you with many options for the placement of these tattoos on your body.

Unlike most other tattoos, blacklight tattoos do have some potential health risks. People are still looking into them right now. There are some low chances of one of these tattoos causing harm. However, this is something to keep in mind if you are considering getting one of these tattoos.

If you end up getting a blacklight tattoo, you can be certain that you own a one-of-a-kind tattoo.

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