Sanskrit Tattoo: Origins And Different Variations Or Ideas

Sanskrit Tattoo: Origins And Different Variations Or Ideas

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Sanskrit is an ancient language with its origins in the sub-continent of India. This language is the original one used to write ancient Hindu texts and the Vedas. The Sanskrit script is often in use when it comes to tattoo art. Its use is to spell out names or power words, both in Sanskrit and English. Sanskrit

Indian body art has been really popular since forever. Moreover, we’re all adapting our bodies as a canvas nowadays, painting them with ink to be a part of what stands “in.” Sanskrit tattoos are stunning but intricate designs. This is because they bring close ancient concepts and fonts that must be understood to be appropriately applied. If you want something small but sweet or a tattoo to define your opinion, Sanskrit tattoos are just your thing. Nowadays, these tattoos are finding so much allurement that even those who are not natives want to get them inked. 

  • Then best Sanskrit Tattoo Designs: 

Below are some of the most famous Sanskrit tattoos, along with their meanings. They can serve to lead you in the era of traditionalists and customs too. 

  • Sanskrit Symbols Tattoo: 

This kind of tattoo design stands out for its lively use of color and intricate design. There are so many Sanskrit symbols that you can use in this kind of tattoo. Some of them are Chakra, Om, the Mandala, the lotus, and the Shatkona. They all have a deep symbolic meaning in the Hindu faith. 

One of the best examples of first-class Sanskrit basic tattoos is the Om tattoo. In the Hindu religion, this symbol is a spiritual sound and a sanctified icon. Moreover, Om is a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. People can dig deep into the ideology of Bhaktism by meditating or enchanting this sound multiple times. It is a compulsory term that directs the positive energy of an individual. So, if you are a virtuous person, this tattoo design is the perfect option. 

  • Shanti, Om Shanti Tattoo 

Different kinds of people from all parts of the world have been using peace tattoos as their body inks. Shanti, which stands for peace, to be specific, inner peace is a commonly seen ink amidst Sanskrit tattoo designs. This tattoo motif is one of a kind. Another version of it could be a mixture of two tattoos, which is very well known too, “Om Shanti.” 

  • The Ever-Famous Gayatri Mantra 

Gayatri Mantra is one of the most devoted and religious tattoos all over the world. It has its reference in numerous Vedas, Puranas, and Bhaghwatas. Also, it’s repetitive as a hymn in various prayer houses too. It has a very celestial meaning. People typically sing this during nighttime before sleeping. The purpose of this is to have a peaceful and purposeful nap. It is initially inked in Sanskrit and can be given an artistic look. 

  • Padma Tattoo: 

“Padma” as a decorated ink in Hindi/Sanskrit gives a very peaceful look. Its exact meaning is a lotus, representing the exquisiteness of one who has risen above his/her ‘s difficult times. To be precise, it’s just like the lotus floats above the dimness of the lake below it and remains a symbol of beauty. Lotus flourishes in the swamp of dead mud. 

  • Aham Brahmasmi Tattoo: 

“Aham Brahmasmi” is a very widespread but still unique body ink in Sanskrit. Its only meaning is “Infinite by nature, the Supreme Self,” as the word Brahman exactly means ever-expanding. The ultimate reality and the word “asmi” denote the identity of “aham” and Brahman. Therefore, the meaning of the phrase is “I am Brahman.” 

  • Sanskrit Name Tattoo: 

Sanskrit alphabet holds something that makes everything sound more exotic and meaningful. Even the simple name in Sanksrit has a different aura. For instance, the name Rati. In Hindu culture, it is a symbol of love, desire, and passion. You can use this kind of tattoo for any person that holds a special place in your heart. 

  • “Asha” Sanskrit Tattoo: 

In the Sanskrit script, this design says “Asha,” which means hope. This is another example of how you can engrave philosophical words or quotes on your skin for daily motivation. You are free to play with colors, positioning, and your own choice of words. 

  • “Karma” Sanskrit Tattoo: 

This tattoo says “karma,” which in Sanskrit stands for deeds. Let this tattoo motivate you and be an endless reminder to live a good life with love and compassion towards others. 

  • “Swatantrata” Sanskrit Tattoo: 

Swatantrata stands for freedom in Sanskrit. You can connect freedom with everything from love, politics, expression, and taste. A tattoo is in itself the final symbol of freedom, which makes this tattoo nearly perfect. You should get in on someplace visible, so you can express just how free you are. 

As you can conclude, when it comes to Sanskrit, the options are endless. The only thing you should do is to find the right design that works for you. 

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