Daisy Tattoos, Representing Innocence, Purity, Peace And Youth.

Daisy Tattoos, Representing Innocence, Purity, Peace And Youth.

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Flowers are a large part of the repertoire of tattoo artwork, and just as each of them has its own unique and beautiful look, each of them also has its specific symbolism and meaning. The daisy, with its large yellow center and white leaves, are quite popular in tattoo art, sometimes inked alone and sometimes with their petals.Daisy

Nowadays, the tattoos in the form of flowers are quite sought-after among women and girls as they splendidly fit into the body relief, emphasizing its beauty.

However, before applying such innocuous patterns on the skin, it is needed to know its sense, symbolism, and meanings, as they can be masked in the most conventional unpretentious blossom.

As we already said, flower tattoos are a purely female type of images which are the most well-known, as well as versatile. Here, we will present to you the daisy flower tattoo, which is a symbol of Maidenhead and innocence, and the pattern with such flower is very decorative, looking great on the skin.

So, this will be a perfect chance to emphasize the individuality and also the beauty of the body. Moreover, it is a way of increasing the womanhood and attractiveness.

  • The history of a daisy flower.

The daisy, from the Old English ‘day’s eye’ is a Western symbol, which is native to Europe, and it is probably given as this flower opens with the first rays of the sun.

The daisy flower can also be found in all but several ancient cultures. There are some stories and historical information which indicate that some of the most important rules of the famous ancient kingdoms had vast gardens of daisy and other flowers too.

In the early years, the daisy gardens were the symbol of prestige and class, and so any prominent person in the society was obliged to have a garden of daisies. Even though it may be found in most cultures, the daisy flowers seem to have its unique place in the Roman Empire.

Among such a wide multiplicity of beautiful flowers, it is almost impossible not to distinguish a lovely daisy. This is a tender and cute flower which is common in the Mediterranean countries, and in Europe, as we already said.

It got its denotation in ancient Greece, where ‘Margarites’ signifies a pearl. This designation has been given on the grounds of the fact that the daisy blossoms look like the beads of scattered pearls amidst green grass.

Daisy is also an affectionate, as well as a beautiful flower, and it possesses bright colors, usual shapes of buds, or captivating aroma. In floristry, daisies indicate Maidenhead and naivety.

The blossom can also be a symbol of doubt, in that way, in medieval Germany it was a custom: if a girl was not prepared to accept a marriage proposal but did not to deny it either, she gave the groom a wreath of daisies, which meant that she has to think a little bit.

The daisy flower was also loved by variety royals: they decorated their wedding crowns with the snow-white flowers and drew these plants on the emblems of their countries.

In the fifteenth century, the Christian church has adopted it as the symbol of the innocence of the Christ Child, less exotic, as well as pretentious than the lily.

  • The symbolism and meaning of the daisy tattoo.

The daisy has also come to symbolize not just the coming of spring, but also innocence and youth. “As fresh as a daisy” is a phrase that dates back from medieval times, and the flower was utilized not just to foretell whether a person is going to be lucky in love, as he or she picks the petals. Still, it was also utilized for medicinal purposes, such as applying it to bruises.

Just like they come in different colors, they can also have different meanings, of which we mentioned some already. The meaning of any daisy tattoo is going to depend on the type of daisy you have, the color, and why you decided to get one. But, there are some common or widespread meanings that are connected with this type of tattoos.

Daisy tattoos are a sign of innocence and purity, particularly for Christians. As we mentioned, Christians used this flower to represent the innocence and purity of Jesus Christ, and his mother, the Virgin Mary. Some ladies also get this tattoo to symbolize that there are still virgins, and so they are still pure.

Daisies may also symbolize beauty and femininity. A flower is always a beautiful image, and so some people believe that having a flower tattooed on them is going to enhance their general appearance and beauty.

The daisy flower is connected with femininity in a lot of different cultures, and so one may get their tattoo to symbolize their femininity besides enhancing their beauty.

Daisy tattoos may also be utilized as a symbol of faith. So, if you decide to get a religious tattoo such as praying hands or tattoo of Jesus Christ, you can add the daisy flower or several of them on the tattoo, in order to help you pass on the intended meaning. What makes them an excellent addition to religious tattoos is as they symbolize vanity, gentleness, as well as peace and love.

Generally, flower tattoos are good as they are diverse: in size, color, and design. The tattoo of the daisy can be simple and small, or it can cover a huge part of your skin; moreover, the flowers can be bright, as well as colorful, or dark, and expressive. However, remember that before you choose to get a daisy tattoo, research about its meaning and symbolism.

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