Hibiscus: The Tropical Flower In The Tattoo Culture

Hibiscus: The Tropical Flower In The Tattoo Culture

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The fantastic thing about searching for your next floral tattoo is that there are so many to choose from. With millions of flowers out there, you can usually find one ideal for the emotion or meaning you were hoping for. Moreover, the color choice makes a distinction on the message you are trying to communicate. We can use it if you feel a certain way or summon characteristics from the flower tattoo. The hibiscus flower is the one that is very popular in recent times. The hibiscus is a gorgeous flower that happens to have many meanings and symbolism in different cultures worldwide. Most of it depends on who you ask and where they are from, but you will always get positive symbolism from this beautiful plant.

  • About the Hibiscus

The hibiscus is otherwise known as the rose mallow and belongs to the mallow family. These flowers grow in warm and tropical regions worldwide, and in these places, there are over 200 kinds of hibiscus. They grow in sunny parts that have well-drained soil. Since this is such a gorgeous flower, they are generally grown for decorative reasons. However, they are also consumed in the human diet, used as a natural dye, and be used for cures for specific ailments. Lots of the species of this flower are endangered, and most of them are native to Hawaii.

Based on the kind of flower, they can grow in a small tree or an evergreen bush. The leaves of the flower have toothed edges that are lance late and are green. The hibiscus creates a large flower, scentless, like a trumpet when it comes to the flower. Each flower will have four to five petals and blue, orange, pink, white, yellow, red, or purple. Every one of the flowers has a pistil and stamen.

The hibiscus has different purposes around the world. For example, in China, people use these flowers to polish their shoes; they call it the “shoe flower.” The natural dyes in flowers are also used for dyeing the hair along with the food. In Polynesia, they use it to make grass skirts with the bark from the hibiscus tree. In Hawaii and Tahiti, the women wear this flower behind their right ear in order to say they are ready for marriage and single. Those who are married wear the flower behind the left ear.

  • Hibiscus Tattoo Meaning

Even if you think this is a gorgeous flower, it’s good to know what it symbolizes. The hibiscus is a flower worn by women because of its feminine analogy. This flower in North American culture symbolizes the ideal woman or wife.

In China, the hibiscus can be worn or given by men or women. It symbolizes wealth, reputation, softness, and virginity. The Chinese seem to truly respect this flower for symbolic reasons and practical ones as well.

The yellow hibiscus is the symbol of Hawaii since it is the state flower. Lots of people get this tattoo design as a representation of respect for the state of Hawaii. Additionally, the flower can have several additional meanings depending on the color of the flower. As for Hawaii, the yellow one symbolizes friendship. The red hibiscus represents lust, passion, and love. The purple one means richness. A blue flower stands for serenity and fertility. A white one means illumination, while the pink hibiscus represents exceptional beauty.

  • Hibiscus Tattoo Variations

There are different designs of the hibiscus tattoo. Below are a few ideas of how this flower design can be tattooed on the body.

  • Hibiscus and State of Hawaii Tattoo

The hibiscus tattoo, combined with Hawaii’s state in the background, is a simple representation of this state. Many of the locals wear a tattoo like this as Hawaiians have a strong sense of state pride. You can learn about how loyal the people of Hawaii are to their state if you try to talk badly about the state.

When this flower is tattooed in this style, there is no particular meaning, but it is a cool way of doing it, and many choose to get this style of tattoo for the hibiscus. The watercolor technique is ideal for the color tattoo. These are light, lovely flowers that look more stunning when you add the graceful, fanciful watercolor style to it.

The tribal tattoo design is also used to pay homage to the lifestyle of the islanders. Tribal tattooing is popular on the island of Hawaii and other tropical island countries. The tribal tattoo fits flawlessly with this because of the background of both tattoos.

These tattoos are some of the possible ways you can get a hibiscus tattoo. It would be best if you took time and research, and in the end, you will have a perfect hibiscus tattoo for yourself.


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