Bird Of Paradise Flower Tattoo With Exotic Symbolism

Bird Of Paradise Flower Tattoo With Exotic Symbolism

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Bird Of Paradise

Flower designs are one of the most used in the tattoo culture today. One of those interesting flower designs is the Bird of Paradise tattoo motif.

  • What Does Bird Of Paradise Mean?

One of the flowers with deep symbolism is the Bird of Paradise flower. The etymological meaning of this flower makes a lot of sense.

There are five distinct kinds of Bird of Paradise flower. These five kinds of flowers go under the scientific name of Strelitzia. The Bird of Paradise flower looks like you imagine it; a beautiful bird is flying.

Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz is the one behind the name of this flower. When the flower arrived in England for the first time, she was the wife of King George III. The flower was named Strelitzia in her honor.

  • About The Bird Of Paradise Flower

The Canary Islands and Latin America are the native lands of Bird of Paradise tropical plant. In this area, it grows wild in natural habitats as wildflowers. There are several types of wildlife in this part. However, there is a particular reason for cultivating Strelitzia reginae. They grow them for breeding a royal swarm of art, famous for its colorful, extraordinary, and striking appearance, orange flowers.

Strelitzia has a strong, resistant, and durable flower. This makes it one of the best-selling flowers in the world. In the pouch, this flower can remain cool for up to 20 days. More and more now, this flower is grown as a plant. The leaves are also remarkable, similar to banana leaves. The flowers are not only durable but beautiful and eye-catching as well. They grow from 1 to 1.5 m high, so you need enough space for the plant.

Even though it looks very exotic, this plant does not require any special or extreme care. This is another reason for the adoration of this plant. It needs plenty of light but not direct exposure to sunlight. A perfect place to hold a strelitzia is a glazed veranda or a small greenhouse. In the absence of the ideal, it will be enough to place it next to a larger window. Once a week, this flower is fed with liquid fertilizer for flowering.

  • Symbolism Behind The Bird Of Paradise Flower And Tattoo

We can connect the Bird of Paradise flower with a lot of symbols. One of the most apparent is that the flower can symbolize the idea of paradise on Earth. It can also symbolize liberty and the ability to travel freely. This is something that makes sense since the flower resembles a bird in flight. 

Bird of Paradise can also symbolize superiority, splendor, and triumph, along with royalty and regality. It can signify faithfulness, particularly in romantic relationships, and confidence toward the future, too. 

This flower is one of the more unique options when it comes to bouquets and arrangements. Nevertheless, it’s one that makes a statement. 

There are various colors of the plant. Each range has different sets of complementary colors, with the unique contrast itself bearing more meaning than individual colors. 

As a tattoo, the Bird of Paradise is a symbol of originality and uniqueness. It is also a symbol of your innate ability to stand out from the crowd. If this applies to you, a Bird of Paradise tattoo might be the ideal way to show your one-of-a-kind personality. 

  • Design Ideas, Size, And Placement Of This Tattoo

The Bird of Paradise is an unusual but equally gorgeous-looking tropical flower. When you see it, it almost looks more like a bird than a flower. As we said, that is the reason why this flower got such a name. This is the main reason why there are so many design ideas when it comes to the tattoo.

Many people are determined to get a tattoo of this flower on the skin because of its rare beauty. Because it is such a colorful flower, it’s best to get a colorful Bird of Paradise tattoo. You can also get this flower in black and white, but that will ruin the tattoo’s entire look. Also, it’s going to make it lose its most precious asset, and it’s color. Many people won’t even tell the difference and think that you got a bird tattoo. This is because this flower is unique when it comes to appearance.

You can always add some nature background to this tattoo to make it more striking. Moreover, you can add other symbols that match the symbolism of this flower.

The size and placement are the last things you need to determine before getting your Bird of Paradise tattoo. If you want a larger tattoo, the back is the perfect spot for this tattoo. If you are more of a person for a smaller tattoo, you can have it on the arms or legs.

As you can see, this exotic tattoo is perfect for a one of a kind tattoo. Tattoo enthusiasts who love unusual and unique tattoos are the ideal candidates for this tattoo. If you are one of these tattoo fans, you need to get a Bird of Paradise flower tattoo.

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