Most Popular Tattoo Myths, Information And Misinformation’s

Most Popular Tattoo Myths, Information And Misinformation’s

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Tattoo Myths

The art of tattooing is not new. It dates back over 5,000 years. We have evidence of tattoos in ancient Egypt. Nowadays, people are showing extreme curiosity and enthusiasm in getting all kinds of tattoos on their bodies. If you want to get a tattoo, you are free to do it whenever you want. There are several tattoo myths that you are supposed to be aware of. Below, we are going to break these most popular tattoo myths.

Popular Tattoo Myths That Are Far From True

Tattoos are permanent

The days when tattoos used to be a permanent matter are far behind us. In more recent times, thanks to science and technology, tattoos are no longer permanent. Nowadays, you can get your tattoo removed anytime you want. Tattoo MythsThere are various tattoo removal procedures that you can choose to fit with your personal preferences and demands. You can remove your tattoo by using tattoo removal creams, clinical methods, laser tattoo removal, and a lot more. The use of Tattoo Sunscreen is effective in helping to protect your tattoo from the harmful effects of sun exposure.

Getting tattoos is agonizingly painful.

You can’t deny the fact that getting a tattoo is somewhat painful. This is not one of the tattoo myths. But opposed to popular belief, this process is not likely to be agonizingly painful. The pain is different from person to person and depends on the individual pain resistance factor. For some people, it is like an ant, while for others, it seems like a scratching sunburn. If you are the type of person with a moderate to high pain tolerance, then the pain will easily be bearable for you.

Colored tattoos hurt more than black tattoos.

We always use black ink for the tattoo outline, and then different colors are used if you are getting a colored tattoo. Some people believe that colored tattoos are more painful than those black tattoos, but this is far from true. During the process of putting black colors, your skin has probably already experienced many poking. The color of the ink does not influence the pain at all. In some instances, the use of colorful inks after black ink may feel more uncomfortable because your adrenaline and other distinctive pain-relieving hormones are to fade away during inking with color inks.

The tattoo machine contains a single needle.

This myth is not true since tattoo machines contain various needles depending on the artwork’s intended purpose and desired effects. This means that a machine like a magnum will probably have 5 to 17 needles. Furthermore, a small round shade tattoo machine will possibly have 1 to 5 needles that artists can use in different ways and means. On the other side, tights have 7 to 9 needles for the complex flats and lines. You need to understand proper tattoo aftercare to keep your tattoo vibrant for many years to come.

Tattoos can be a cause of cancer.

In the past, people used to believe that tattoos were the reason for cancer. But after different studies and researches have been done on this matter, no concrete evidence has been found in its favor. Therefore, we can safely say that tattoos are never supposed to cause cancer in any way.

Tattoos transmit HIV

This is another delusion people have about getting tattoos. If the needles are properly sterilized and tattoo tools are used for inking, HIV cannot transmit to people. There are zero cases where people have got HIV through getting inked. Thus, it is one of the biggest tattoo myths and delusions out there.

Tattoos used to wrinkle over time.

For most of the time, tattoos do not usually wrinkle over time as people believe them to be. Tattoo artists use inks of the tattoo through a group of needles that pierce deeper than the first layer of the skin. After the full recovery of the area, no external element can reach ink and make it wrinkle. The tattoo only changes with the change of the skin with time. As you get older, your skin tends to wrinkle in some specific areas. This is why the tattoo might also get changed a little bit but not to wrinkle like the skin.

Old tattoos will either fade to blue or green.

In the not-so-distant past, tattoos faded into the shade of blue or green because of the low-quality ink. However, in modern times, with better science and technology, the ink quality has greatly improved. Therefore, there is no room for panic.

Tattoos tend to heal faster if you use excessive creams.

People often believe that the use of excessive creams will ensure faster healing of your tattoo. This is one of the biggest tattoo myths. But the reality is very different. After you get inked, you are just required to keep it nourished and hydrated, and it will automatically heal in the process. If you use too many creams, then you will suffocate it.

You can’t donate blood after being tattooed.

Most people presume you cannot donate blood after getting a tattoo. They believe this is the case due to the present chemicals in ink. Nowadays, you are only recommended to wait for one year after getting a tattoo, and then you can start donating blood. This period will allow your tattoo to heal completely and will prevent any possible infection.


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