Several Easy Ways In Which You Can Ruin Your Fresh Tattoo

Several Easy Ways In Which You Can Ruin Your Fresh Tattoo

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There is nothing quite just like getting a new tattoo. The clean, as well as the sanitized smell of the shop, the buzz of the tattoo gun – there is even something quite amazing about the sting of the needle. However, getting a new piece is an added responsibility, and you will have to know how to take proper care of your fresh tattoo. Continue reading and find out some of the easiest ways of ruining your new tattoo.

Nowadays, tattoos are quite a popular subject, according to a poll from Pew Research Center, there were almost 40% of millennials have just one. The tattoo is an incredible way of expressing yourself, as well as decorating your body.Fresh Tattoo

Going to a tattoo shop can be a pretty exciting and interesting experience as well. There is something very distinct about them, such as the sanitized smell and the buzz of the tattoo gun, and there is nothing that can be compared with it.

A lot of people do not realize the responsibility which is involved in getting a tattoo. People have to be incredibly careful with their tattoos while they are in the process of healing. After that, when the healing is over, they will have to make sure to protect their tattoos from the sun.

When a person decides to get a tattoo, he or she has to be aware of the incredibly easy and quick ways in which they can ruin a thief freshly inked tattoo. To help you out, here is a list of several tricks or tips, as well as things you should avoid before, during, as well as after you get tattooed.

Here they are:

  • Always stay hydrated.

Water is a serious holy grail. It helps the skin to stay supple. Evan Kim, who is a New York-based tattoo artist, said that drinking significant amounts of water is going to help you make sure the appearance of your new tattoo turns out perfect. Also, it will keep your skin moisturized with lotion.

  • Simply hold still.

Tattoos can hurt a lot, and that is just the way it is. Unluckily, there is not much that you can do, but simply lay back and relax as much as you can. Moving suddenly can destroy and screw up your new design.

  • Do not remove the wrapping too soon.

When your artist finished your tattoo, they are going to apply a wrap of any kind – some of them use a bandage, while other wrap or even second skin. First, you should talk to your artist about how long they want you to keep the wrapping on. Usually, it is from between two to six hours.

  • Do not leave your fresh tattoo covert for too long.

As one tattoo artist named Kriss Howes says, the tattoo is covered for a reason. However, you should not leave it covered, as the cover is going to allow your skin to finish bleeding out and let the new open pores close up, in order to avoid infections, as well as contamination.

  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Jessica Paige, who is a social producer and creative at, wrote that the new tattoo would feel like burning when it is exposed to direct sunlight. You should always listen to your body, so if your tattoo feels irritated and hot, stay away from sunlight. Also, if you have to be out in the sun, keep your tattoo covered.

  • Do not sleep on your fresh ink.

The same person, Jessica, also suggested that you should try not to sleep on your fresh ink. If you get a tattoo on your back, you will have to sleep on your belly for several days. If you can sleep with your tattoo exposed, that is going to be the best. And if not, you can place a clean thin towel between you and your bedsheets.

  • Always keep your fresh tattoo clean.

You have to know that a fresh tattoo is just an open wound, which means it will make you more susceptible to infection. You will want to wash it with super gentle antibacterial soap and then pat it dry. If you notice that there is something wrong with your ink, that it is infected, you should visit your doctor.

  • Never pick your scabs.

After the first couple of days, your tattoo is going to start peeling. This is super ugly and quite gross, but you should never pick at it. The tattoo has to heal on its own. On such days, you should gently wash it every few hours and apply fragrance-free and non-oil based lotion.

  • Keep your hands off your fresh tattoo.

Fresh ink is simply too cool to look at. And, while it heals, you can notice it itches a little bit. However, these things do not give you an excuse to frequently touch it – and you should not let others touch it too. Too much touching may cause some infection.

  • Do not skip the sunscreen application.

The sun can cause serious damage to your new ink, drying it out and also causing it to fade. You should get the habit of rubbing sunscreen on it every time you go out in the sun. It is going to keep it vibrant, as well as crisp for a longer period.

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